Government College University Faisalabad

IT Services


To provide, maintain and manage the IT infrastructure of the University and Sub-Campuses. One of the primary objective is to facilitate all the departments in both their educational and training activities relevant to computers and Information Technology.

Campus Management Solution

The Campus Management System, designed to promote paperless university administration. It is unique and comprehensive software. Its features allow users to maintain academic history of students with complete transparency in records and provides a medium for teachers, staff and administration to work in harmony. The application encompasses all the features relevant to the university. The system has a complete role based access where in various resources are made available depending upon the role assigned.

  • Admin Portal
  • Dean Portal
  • Chairperson Portal
  • Faculty Portal
  • Student Portal
  • Examination Portal
  • Registration Portal
  • Hall Council Portal
  • Distance Learning Education Portal
  • Layyah Subcampus Portal
  • Sahiwal Sub Campus Portal
  • Fee Portal
  • DSA Portal
  • Online Admission, Attendance, Results
  • Online Salary Slips
  • University Community College Portal
  • Affiliated Colleges Portal
  • Student & Faculty ID Cards Printing

Video Conferencing

The University has its own Video Conferncing Unit provided by the Higher Education Commission. This unit provides the facility to take online lectures, seminars, conferences, thesis defence from both national and international universities.

Digital Library

To facilitate research in the University, HEC has provided access to digital libraries. A programme has been formulated to provide researchers and students with access to latest, authentic literature from high quality journals, database and articles covering a wide range of disciplines. Digital library resources provided by HEC are: Sprigerlink, Blackwell Synergy, Ebrary, Ebscohost, McGrwa Hill’s Collections McGrew-Hill’s Access Science, McGraw Hill’s Digital Engineering Library, Taylor & Francis Journals, Oxford University Press, E-Books and fremedical journals.

Digital Book Bank

The University has its own digital book bank which has been developed through the sole effort of University‘s IT Services Department. It contains over 25000 e-books for different fields of interest, downloadable software and virtual lectures videos. Domain of this book bank is expanding day by day to cater to the needs of academicians and students.

Wireless and Wired Internet Facility

GCUF is amongst the very few universities of the country which have given the facility of wireless internet to both the students and the staff members. The University has the credit of being the first university which is using this hi-end intelligent Wi-Fi system. The wireless setup comprises modern state of the art technology which is both robust and resilient. The IT Services Department provides 24/7 internet access.


Pakistan Education & Research Network is the only national research and education network of Pakistan with the purpose to provide communication infrastructure to the universities, institutions and research organizations to meet their networking and internet requirements. The network has evolved significantly and is providing valuable services, like high-speed internet, audio/video conferencing, access to digital library resources with the bandwidth of 260MB from this PERN project.


Prof. Dr. Ramzan Talib
Chairman IT Services
Dr. Muhammad Umer Sarwar
IT Manager
Mr. Moeen Qureshi
Manager Operations
Mr. Hassan Mahmood
Database / System Admin
Mr. Karim Jawad
Network Administrator
Mr. Mohsin Ali
Network Engineer
Mr. Nasir Jameel
Computer Programmer
Mr. Zain Arshad
Computer Programmer
Mr. Usman Bashir
Computer Programmer
Mr. Haider Ali
Computer Programmer
Mr. Munawar Riaz
Computer Programmer
Mr. Muhammad Ahmad
Computer Programmer
Mr. Laique Ahmad
Computer Programmer
Mr. Imran Arshad
Computer Programmer
Ms. Ayesha Khalid
Computer Programmer
Ms. Azka Khalid
Computer Programmer
Mr. Farhan Shafqat
Assistant Computer Programmer
Mr. Imran Bashir
Assistant Computer Programmer
Mr. Asad Ali
Mr. Naveed Aslam
Mr. Waqas Khursheed
Mr. Muhammad Saleem
Mr. Nadeem Riaz

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