Government College University Faisalabad

Department of History

First Floor, Muhammad Ali Block, Old Campus

Scheme of Studies


We aim to be a leader of the disciplines of social sciences by developing analytical tools excelling in teaching, scholarship and exploiting opportunities for academic research.


To make the discipline of history an excellent part of social sciences for the students by inculcating a curiosity for raising and sorting out solutions to questions about the complex past of humankind. Thus, enabling them to become productive parts of the society. The department instills the students with a passion for in-depth knowledge and skills to understand phenomenon of the human experiences by a comparative study of the past and present societies cultures and Civilizations.


The discipline of History was launched by bifurcation of already existing Department of Pakistan Studies and Political Science that was in 2011 renamed as the Department of History and Pakistan Studies.This department was further bifurcated in two independant departments i.e. History and Pakistan studies. As history focuses the actions and deeds of the human beings, therefore, it studies the past societies, cultures and events caused by human beings in particular time and space. The Department of History specifically deals with those societies, cultures and events with reference to the temporal and special dimensions. Besides the core subjects of History, Historiography/Philosophy of History and Research Methodology, the department imparts learning and understanding in a wide range of subjects and topics, such as social, cultural, geographical, political, economic and religious contours. The Department of History exclusively offers the courses of history, therefore, it also envisions in the near future to offer the neglected courses of the history of designing, history of art and history of architecture and History of Archives. The department believes to teach the courses in a way to enable the students to draw lessons from the past experiences of human beings and to help the contemporary society in correcting its course of action. The goal and objective of the faculty of the Department of History is to create a conducive environment for the students to polish their skills and become experts in carrying out quality research in the discipline of History. The horizon and spectrum of the discipline of history is very broad and it encompasses various periods, epochs and events. It covers the histories of geographies, topographies, areas, regions, continents, wars, religions, governments, elections, constitutional developments, economies, movements, personalities, concepts, languages, literature, cultures, civilizations, writings, medicines, food, arts and paintings. Being multi-disciplinary in nature, history is connected with all other social sciences as they deal with the actions and deeds of human beings within the society and has come out from the lap of history itself. History shares concepts and ideas with these various disciplines and in return borrows from them. Keeping in view, the faculty of the Department of History intends to teach the subject from that broader perspective. Besides, the Department aims at, the promotion of factual and interpretive history, curiosity to find the truth, generalization, objectivity, unbiased and unprejudiced approach, and curiosity to find the truth. For the pursuit of enhancing conceptual and intellectual capabilities of and activities of the students, the Department has a functional Society and Study Circle. That is why the Department is growing and flourishing day by day in size and performance.

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