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Second Floor, Sir Syed Block, New Campus

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Chairman’s Message

Welcome to the Department of Geography, Government College University, Faisalabad. Geography is a scientific study of man’s interaction with his environment. Major thrust in Geography is based on four distinct but interrelated traditions i.e. an earth science tradition, a location tradition and an area analysis tradition ; a logical study of man’s activities in different regions happens to be the over riding theme in this discipline. The study of Geography is exciting, challenging and relevant to today’s world. Geographers study the natural processes of the physical environment, as well as the activities and consequences of humans in this environment. Some geographers specialize in coastal, glacial or fluvial processes and land forms, climatology, biogeography, hydrology or environmental change. Others study regional economics, population change, and the problems of rural or urban areas. Still others, specializing in spatial analysis, bring the power of geographic information science to bear on a wide range of research problems. Increasingly, these varied interests are coming together in the study of environmental problems and Geographers lead the way in resource management.

Geography teaches valuable skills such as spatial data analysis, geographic information systems, remote sensing and global positioning system. Geography demands good analytical and reporting skills, and our students apply their training in real world situations. It is a job and research-oriented discipline. Courses have been designed as such to include not only theoretical knowledge but also to instill the empirical use of knowledge. The present faculty is working diligently to promote this discipline on modern lines. Specifically the focus is on introduction of Research-Oriented modules and Geographic Information System (GIS).

Department of Geography, Government College University, Faisalabad offers Master degree (M.Sc), Bachelors in Geography, Bachelors in Remote Sensing & GIS. We also offer the M.Phil and Ph.D in Geography.


We are committed to transform our discipline to applied realms in all our degree programs through introducing advanced courses and technology, besides strengthening our theoretical understanding of geographical processes and human-nature interactions.


To achieve excellence in spatial sciences through making significant contributions in society by:

  1. Providing educators with effective and relevant professional development, support and materials, focusing on geographic concepts contents and pedagogy.
  2. Applying geographic science to societal and environmental issues in state, the nation and global community.
  3. By training students to solve spatial problem by using geo-spatial techniques.


The Department of Geography is focusing on its two distinct domains: Human Geography and Physical Geography. Geographic Information System, Remote Sensing, Digital Cartography and Spatial Analysis are the advanced technological sides of the discipline. Besides understanding the physical earth processes, we also focus on social issues in a spatial framework, which makes it unique from other social sciences.

Programs Offered by the Department

  • BS Geography
  • BS Remote Sensing & GIS
  • M.Phil Geography
  • Ph.D. Geography

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