Government College University Faisalabad

Department of Mass Communication

Ground Floor, Muhammal Ali Block, Old Campus

Scheme of Studies


To prepare students for successful media professionals and specialists for media-related careers. The department seeks to inculcate the values of truth, objectivity and impartiality among the students so that they may perform their roles as disseminators of knowledge and makers of opinion without any bias and prejudice.


To promote healthy and positive approach towards the communication of information, knowledge and opinion.


Communication and media studies have gained vital importance in this age of science and information technology. A nation cannot safeguard its domestic and foreign interests, and get its due status in the globe without using its communication channels effectively. Advancement in information technology has made the world a global village. So, it is the need of the hour to give special focus on mass media education. Although Mass Communication is an emerging discipline, yet, it has got paramount importance in recent times. Media is playing a vital role in promoting different ideologies both in the domestic arena and around the globe. It is a reality, that a plenty of factors influence the production and consumption of the message for effective communication. The productions of media contents have to pass through different phases. Therefore, in-depth understanding of covert and overt pressures on the production of the media contents is indispensable for the students of Mass Communication. Public Relations, Communication Strategy, Advertising Campaign, Media Policy, Image Building and Public Opinion Formation are the basic tools of communication in media studies. Keeping in view the challenges of modern time, Government College University, Faisalabad established the Department of Mass Communication in 2005. The foremost objective was to provide an opportunity to the students to equip themselves with the blend of skills and knowledge to meet challenges in national and international arena. The department has an excellent academic environment. All the faculty members are experienced and qualified. Students are also being benefited from the expertise of media educators and known professionals.

Vision of Department of Mass Communication is to be a leader in Pakistan by providing communication excellence in visual, verbal and written competencies for the 21st century. Shortly, a print production house, a broadcasting house and TV studio will be set to impart practical skills to the working journalists and students alike. After the completion of their courses, students will be able to become professionals in public relations, advertising agencies, print and electronic media, as reporters, editors, anchors persons, radio producers, TV producers, media managers, public relation officers, publicity officers and copy writers.

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