Government College University Faisalabad

Department of Punjabi

Ground Floor,Muhammad Ali Block, Old Campus

Scheme of Studies


Our vision is to establish Punjabi Language, Literature and history as one of the oldest and richest literatures of the world favorably comparative with the literatures in other languages.


The mission of the department of Punjabi is to promote Punjabi language and literature and highlight its rich history and diversity. Punjabi is a language of Sufis which imbibes the culture and values of its people. The department aspires to restore the Punjabi language and literature to its rightful place in academia and society.


Punjabi is the language of millions of people of Punjab and a means of communication through which they perform and execute the business of their daily life. For centuries Punjabi has been a medium of expression of the saints and other great poets of this region. Therefore the structure of the Punjabi classical poetry is erected on the foundations of mysticism and high moral values. The great mystics like Baba FareedGunjShakkar, Shah Hussain, Sultan Bahoo, Syed Bulhey Shah, Ali Haider, Syed Hashmin Shah, Syed Waris Shah, MaulviGhulamRasool, Mian Muhammad Bukhsh and KhwajaGhulamFareedpresentd their striking ideas in Punjabi poetic form for the worldly as well as the religious guidance of the people. Punjabi language does not only reflect the realities and attitudes of life but is also a great source of social, cultural and historical identity.

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