Government College University Faisalabad

Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology

Scheme of Studies


To produce technologists and researchers with sound knowledge on fundamentals of traditional, modern and emerging areas of engineering together with innovative design abilities, IT and managerial skills, which are essential to achieve sustainable national development.


The vision of Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology is towards outstanding education and research leading to well qualified engineers and technologists who are innovative entrepreneurial and successful in advanced fields of mechanical engineering to cater the ever changing industrial demands and social needs.


Mechanical Engineering has made the world advance. We live in by constantly improving and inventing technology. Mechanical Engineering Technology has made it possible to convert our lives towards easier mode by making everything we use, more efficient.Becoming a Mechanical Engineering Technologist opens doors to nearly every area of industry, from manufacturing to construction; working on problem-solving projects from design stages through to commissioning and production. There is a broad range of employment opportunities within this diverse discipline involving design, manufacture, research, development, management and marketing. We provide students with a rigorous education, hands-on experience, exposure to cutting-edge research, and support to pursue their dreams.

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