Government College University Faisalabad

Administrative Structure

Administrative Bodies

The framework within which Government College University operates is based upon the GOVERNMENT COLLEGE UNIVERSITY, FAISALABAD 2002, Statutes and Ordinance (THE GOVERNMENT COLLEGE UNIVERSITY, FAISALABAD ORDINANCE, 2002 and PUNJAB ORDINANCE NO. XLVIII OF 2002) published in THE PUNJAB GAZETTE extraordinary issue (Tuesday September 10, 2002), and is implemented by a strong administrative backbone.

As per Charter of the University the following are the authorities of the University:

  • Syndicate
  • Academic Council
  • Board of Studies
  • Selection Board
  • Affiliation Committee
  • Discipline Committee

Administrative Structure

Government College University Faisalabad was established according to THE GOVERNMENT COLLEGE UNIVERSITY, FAISALABAD ORDINANCE, 2002 and PUNJAB ORDINANCE NO. XLVIII OF 2002. The Chancellor, the Governor of the Province, is the highest authority of the university and in most of the matters, acts on the advice of the Pro-Chancellor, the provincial Minister of Education.

The Vice Chancellor is the executive head of the university and manages its academic, financial and administrative affairs. He exercises his powers through the advice and decisions taken by various university authorities. Deans of faculties, Directors of the institutes and centers and Chairpersons of departments are responsible for the academic issues of their respective academic institutions.

The Registrar, the Treasurer, the Controller of Examinations, and other officers-in-charge look after the working of relevant departments. All the academic, administrative and financial activities of the university are managed and regulated by different bodies.

The Syndicate is the executive body of the university and takes effective measures to raise the standards of teaching, research and other academic pursuits. It supervises the affairs and management of the property of the University.

The Selection Board recommends to the Syndicate the names of suitable candidates for appointment against various posts.

The Academic Council of the university advises the Syndicate on all the academic matters. It lays down standards of instruction, research, publications, examinations, etc to promote the academic life of the university. A particular discipline or a group of disciplines may together comprise a faculty.

Each faculty has its own Board chaired by the respective Dean of the faculty. The Board coordinates the teaching and research work in the subjects assigned to the faculty and acts on the advice of the Board of Studies.

The Board of Studies for each discipline is the primary body responsible for regulating all academic matters and making recommendations regarding these areas.

The Advanced Studies and Research Board looks after the promotion of advanced studies and research in the University. In addition, there are many other bodies which deal with the academic, financial, administrative, welfare, discipline and other matters of the functioning of the university.

Higher Education Commission of Pakistan acts as an intermediary in processing government funding and coordinates academic matters of the university.

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