Government College University Faisalabad

Department of Pakistan Studies

First Floor, Muhammad Ali Block, Old Campus

Scheme of Studies


We aim to be a leader among other disciplines of social sciences at institutions of comparable size and character through excelling in teaching, scholarship and counseling and exploiting opportunities for academic research, experimental learning and off-campus study; the Department promotes scholarship, discipline and civic participation.


The Department of Pakistan Studies is dedicated to the pursuit of academic excellence and diversity. The department strives to polish the students’ intellectual curiosity with a focus on tools to assess and solve complex problems and inculcate skills to become independent and motivated decision-makers.


The Department of Pakistan Studies was established in 2003. The Department offers programs i.e. BS (Pakistan Studies), M.Sc. Pakistan Studies (Morning/Evening), and M. Phil Pakistan Studies (Evening). It aims to impart deep learning and understanding of the historical, social and cultural, political and economic contours of the state and society of Pakistan. It also attempts to orientate the students towards the institutional strengths and weaknesses of the government in order to reinforce its strengths and correct what we may call our deficiencies. We envisage making the department as a center of excellence of Pakistan Studies with the aims of producing capable experts and quality research in the subject of Pakistan Studies. The Department aims to launch PhD program in the near future. Pakistan Studies is an inter-disciplinary subject and it offers courses which have close affinity with and understanding of other subjects of Social Sciences such as Economics, Sociology, History, Political Science, International Relations and Pakistani languages and their literature. We are trying our best to encourage and prepare the students for the exploration, analysis and advancement of research on the issues besetting Pakistan internally and externally. In this regard, the authorities of the university are planning to establish a Research Centre in near future which would not only concentrate on the basic issues of Pakistani state and society but also examine and boost the prospects of peace in South Asia and suggest ways and means to promote harmony and stability in the region.

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