Government College University Faisalabad

Lyallpur Business School

Ground Floor, Jinnah Block, New Campus

Scheme of Studies


To achieve excellence in business education and transform students into skillful professionals.


Lyallpur business school is committed to cultivating an inclusive learning environment, seamlessly integrating indigenous knowledge with contemporary corporate needs. Through excellence in teaching and research, we equip students with managerial skills and make them responsible individuals.


Since its inception, Lyallpur Business School is exerting painstaking efforts to build marked reputation for producing business graduates fully equipped with professional excellence and excelled moral values. At LBS, the students are inculcated knowledge and skills in through exceptionally talented and experienced faculty enriched in generating ideas coupled with experiential learning, exposure to real time problems and hands on leadership/team work experiences synergized with foreign exposure. The outgoing graduates are enriched with pivotal urge to lead, eager to explore and design the practical solutions to everyday business problems/ opportunities. The prime focus of all programs at LBS is to groom the graduates into responsible personalities powered with devotion, practical and methodological skills and persistent enthusiasm towards goal accomplishments. The LBS management is very keen towards both co-curricular and extra-curricular initiatives/ activities and in order to accomplish it, a great emphasis is laid on conducting professional seminars, workshops and academic simulations throughout the semester. All offered programs at LBS are compatible to the guidelines and standards set by Higher Education Commission and Government College University, Faisalabad. After getting education, the graduates are motivated and determined to contributing their part in the development and progress of society in specific and the overall country in general.

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