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Human Resources (HR) create organization and make them survive for rapid progress. HR policies in the Universities are of special nature and significance. The whole body consists of three broad categories namely teachers, students and administrative & laboratory staff. Management of teachers, staff and students is different from the administrative policies of industrial units business concerns and production farms. Special conductive environment is to be developed for studies, research and technology transfer efforts. In formulating the policies, input of all sections of community should be kept in view.

As a general policy, the university shall attract highly qualified staff (Ph.Ds) and arrange to train the young staff in three ways. Firstly by granting admission to M.Phil / Ph.D programs within the University, secondly, outside the University but within Pakistan and thirdly abroad. Teachers shall be encouraged and arrangements will be made for continuous training through short courses and Post-Doctoral training both within the country and abroad.

In recruitment of staff at all levels, principles of suitability cum fitness based on merit should be adhered to. Congenial work environment, cordiality of behavior and incentives for career building should be provided and there should be built in provisions in the system.

Being a public sector organization, we have to follow the government rules and also the spirit of the decision of the Supreme Court of Pakistan regarding recruitment. All posts shall be advertised in the National Press with qualification and experience as per approved University Act and Statues of each post. The syndicate approves the recommendations of the Selection Board of the University for BPS-17 through BPS-21 posts and Vice Chancellor approves the recommendations of the appointment committees for BPS-01 through BPS-16 posts. As a retention policy, research contribution and efficiency has to be reviewed in time and continuous made.

Flow of promotions and appointments to higher posts based on merit and fitness to be made a regular feature.

To keep an organization alive, it should always grow and develop in size, efficiency and specialized capabilities. Universities in particular should always be in moving forward and developing stage because they have to produce new knowledge in all areas through research. As the University continues to develop the skills of teaching, research and other staff, it should be utilized for capacity building enhancements. Skill development of university teachers shall be made through short training and short term educational programs in the University, within the country and abroad. New lab equipments are being added to upgrade teaching and research facilities. Training of lab staff to cater the needs of the time shall be carried out. Regular training facilities shall be arranged at proper levels and forums. Administrative staff in the lower grades shall be provided continuous training inside the University and within the country. Senior staff shall be exposed to with University training programs and also the programs arranged by the provincial and federal governments.

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