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Rules of MS / MPhil Programs

1. DURATION OF THE COURSE (1.5 - 4 Year)

  1. The duration for the Degrees of MS/MPhil / LLM shall not be less than three and more than eight semesters in full residence and not less than five and more than ten semesters for the University employees admitted as part time students.
  2. The employees of the government/ other agencies nominated for MS/MPhil/ LLM degree at this University shall have to take study leave to pursue studies as a regular student, failing which he/she will not be admitted. However, after getting admission by a nominee in the university, it would be obligatory for the parent department to sanction the study leave or extension in the leave in favor of the nominee within one semester failing which, his/her admission shall stand cancelled.


    The subjects of study for the degree programs are given in SCHEDULE III which may be amended from time to time. A studentshall present an acceptable thesis in addition to completing his/her approved course work in order to qualify for the award of the degree.


    A student admitted to the degree program shall be required to take minimum 24 credits (excluding 06 credits for thesis research). Deficiency course(s) shall not be counted towards the minimum credit. Students may be asked to enroll the additional courses on the recommendations of their concerned Supervisors or Department.


    Admission may be conducted twice a year i.e. in the fall semester and spring semesters. If a candidate fails to complete enrollment, his / her admission shall stand cancelled. However, nominees of HEC, GCUF, foreign countries and other government organizations, may be admitted up to the mid examination with the condition that they will have to cover up the courses by taking seminars, special problem and research project.


  1. The Academic Staff: A teacher / researcher of the GC University, Faisalabad (regular) may be allowed to enroll himself / herself for postgraduate courses after getting permission from the competent authority. He / she under this arrangement will be a part time student and a full time employee. He / she will be allowed to enroll maximum of two courses and one semester or special problem in a semester and pay half dues of the semester along with examination fee.In case, he / she intends to take maximum credit hours allowed to a full time student then he / she will have to take leave from the University and pay full University dues.
  2. Administrative Staff: The administrative staff of the GC University, Faisalabad (regular) will be treated at par for admission to various postgraduate courses only under evening program after getting permission from the competent authority. He / she will take maximum of two courses, one seminar or special problem and pay half dues of the semester along with examination fee. He / she under this arrangement will be a part time student and a full time employee. In case, he / she intends to take maximum credit hours, he / she will have to get leave from the university and pay full dues. However, the number of seats for admission to various degree programs for administrative staff might be fixed by the Vice Chancellor.


  1. If a student fails to enroll in any semester(s) without permission of the competent authority, he/she shall cease to be on the rolls of the University and in case he/she desires re-admission, he/she shall have to apply for the same.
  2. The Advanced Studies and Research Board may readmit such a candidate subject to the payment of Rs. 2,000/- as re-admission fee and Rs. 10,000/- as per semester gap fee, if applicable.
  3. The ASRB may refuse the re-admission if the reasons presented before the Board are not convincing.
  4. Note: The period of gap semester will be counted towards residential requirements


  1. A candidate who has secured CGPA 2.8 only will be allowed to take Research and pursue for the thesis submission but he/she must score CGPA 3.0 for obtaining the degree.
  2. If a student obtains 2.5 CGPA and fails to achieve CGPA 2.8 on the completion of course work he/she has to improve two courses of lowest grades to achieve desired CGPA level.
  3. For “Minor Change” in the title of the Synopsis/Thesis, a letter from the Supervisory Committee of the student, will serve the purpose. In case of major change, changed topics will again be submitted in respective BOS.
  4. A panel of 3 examiners will be proposed by respective Supervisor or Chairperson, recommended by the respective Board of Studies.
  5. An examiner shall be appointed by the Vice Chancellor for the evaluation of thesis from the proposed panel.
  6. A student shall submit three copies of the thesis (tape binding) to convener BoS who shall forward the thesis to the Controller of Examinations for forwarding it to the External Examiner. After the successful completion of examination, student will submit atleast three copies of thesis (hard binding); one hard copy shall be kept in the Department, one in the main Library and one by the Supervisor.
  7. If any student has to give the viva in the absence of Supervisor/ Member, the Chairman of the Department/Director of the Institute in which student is enrolled will sign on behalf of Supervisor or Member.
  8. Note: (In case the Chairperson of Supervisory Committee is also a Chairman of Teaching Department or Director of Institute and is on leave (within country) he must attend the MS/MPhil thesis defense and a date in this regard shall be fixed with his consultation.
  9. If the thesis, submitted by a candidate for final evaluation, is proved to be copied / plagiarized, it will be liable to be rejected. The admission of such a candidate shall be cancelled and he/she will not be readmitted to MS/MPhil under any circumstances.
  10. If the thesis of a candidate is proved to be plagiarized after its evaluation and declaration of result, previous result of the candidate will be cancelled and he/she will be declared to have failed in thesis examination. Such a candidate shall not be readmitted to MS/MPhil under any circumstances.

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