Government College University Faisalabad

Department of Sociology

Ground Floor, Muhammal Ali Block, Old Campus

Programs Offered


The mission of Sociology, Social Work and Criminology department is to provide sociological knowledge to the students, which is relevant to their practical life. This is being achieved by imparting knowledge and skills to young sociologists-social engineers and social workers. Moreover, efforts are made to discover the broad pattern of interaction of social life that influences the social behavior. This is further strengthened by carrying out research on socio-economic, cultural, social, demographic, environmental and political problems of Pakistani Society.


Sociological knowledge is applicable in every field, in every day personal interactional situation and in all aspects of life. Sociology is the scientific study of the human relationships and their consequences. It is the study of collective human behavior and social forces. It is committed to provide research skills to students that can be integrated usefully with relevant practical experience. Sociologist seeks to discover the broad patterns of interaction of social life that influences social behaviors. We provide students with a coherent introduction to core themes and issues of the discipline in a stimulating environment. Moreover, we offer graduate and post graduate level education in social sciences with a strong emphasis on communicative process and technologies within institutional settings, drawing on the active research interest of faculty and students. We also offer education in social sciences within an interdisciplinary context which highlights the continuities and differences among a number of scientifically social prospective. Training in a range of methodologies and research skills appropriate to these disciplines provides rigorous foundation for this distinctive feature. In addition, internship opportunity with international and national organizations working in the field of social development is provided to the students in order to blend the academic knowledge with practical skills.

This department was established in 2005 at Government College University Faisalabad. The faculty of the Department includes highly qualified and experienced teachers who have a track record of academic and research experience and relevant field experience in national or international organizations.

In addition, short certificate courses on different social development aspects like Poverty Alleviation, Gender and Development, Human Development and Sociology, Communication and Presentation Skills, Community Management Skills, Urban Transportation Management, Urban Renewal, Participatory Relax/Rapid Approach (PAR), Project Planning and Logical Framework, Population Studies, and Social Problems of Pakistan etc. are being planned to be launched very soon.

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