Government College University Faisalabad

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Ground Floor, Basic Science Block, Old Campus

Scheme of Studies


Department of pharmaceutical chemistry endeavors to be a recognized model for graduating students through innovative ideas and recent trends in the field of pharmaceutical chemistry along with drug design, and their development, to compete in and contribute to achieve sustainable development goals.


To produce world class pharmaceutical chemists with competencies to meet the national pharmaceutical challenges with technical and scientific skills for appropriate drug discovery and development.


Pharmaceutical chemistry is one of the major disciplines of pharmaceutical sciences which deals with all chemical aspects of drugs and natural products, such as their structure, synthesis, isolation, and their structural activity in relationship with pharmacological activity. Department of pharmaceutical chemistry was established in 2014 and since then committed to provide quality education and research to its graduates. Department of pharmaceutical chemistry is committed to provide professional education based on the latest and most advanced trends in different fields of pharmaceutical chemistry. Currently, our faculty members are conducting research in the field of pharmaceutical analysis, role of endocrine disrupting chemicals in various metabolic disorders, biochemistry of the natural products, drug metabolism, medicinal chemistry, drug synthesis, natural product chemistry, drug development, drug likeness of new molecules. Department of pharmaceutical chemistry offers MPhil and PhD in pharmaceutical chemistry and Pharm-D program under the umbrella of Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

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