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Directorate of International Linkage


Dr. Shahzad Chatha

Directorate of International Linkages is mandated to bridge the gap between the University and the international research and academic organizations through networking and collaborations. This office is envisioned to adapt the GCUF community with changing role of the universities through a greater connectivity and strong linkages with the regional and international communities. Therefore, this office seeks to enable the University to build its global footprint with research and academic collaborations at national and international levels by following global multisectoral approach. Since its inception, the Directorate of International Linkages has continued to strive for excellence in meeting its directive of evolving a proactive approach and development agenda geared at initiating linkages with reputable institutions and funding agencies for greater visibility of GCUF at national and international fronts. Despite a relatively young institute, GCUF has increased its academic and research portfolio many-fold which is evidenced from its consistent improvements in national and international rankings. As a result, the activities of this directorate are anticipated to grow exponentially with international organizations for building and expanding partnerships for capacity building, research & development, outreach activities and community development programs. 

Vision and Mission Statements

The Directorate of International Linkages aims to promote the faculty and students exchange programs with national and international organizations with the following main objectives.  

  1. To enhance the University's national and international academic and research productivity by encouraging and valuing the development of nationally and culturally diverse faculty and students.
  2. To provide advice on the curricula across the University so that the course contents are in accordance with international standards and up to date.
  3. To encourage and supporting faculty and students to participate in international research projects, programs, and scholarly activities.
  4. To establish links and consortia with relevant academic and research organizations at international levels with the purpose of faculty and student exchanges within national and foreign universities and research institutes.
  5. To encourage faculty and students to develop collaborative research projects and programs by providing technical and professional support.
  6. To support the development of appropriate centers, institutes, and other units having global and multidimensional focus.
  7. To help the University in standardizing Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which the University can use with several institutions.

Primary Collaboration Themes

The Directorate of International Linkages at GCUF aims to proactively engage in following themes of collaboration:

  1. Exchange of faculty, research fellows and students
  2. Joint research projects, conferences, seminars, workshops and internships
  3. Joint curriculum development and degree programs
  4. Sharing and/or exchange of information & resources
  5. Faculty and student training programs
  6. Libraries partnership

MOU Policy 2021

International Partners

  1. Kyungpook National University
  2. Huawei ICT Academy
  3. Kilis 7 Aralık Üniversitesi


Dr. Shahzad Ali Shahid Chatha
Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry

Dr. Muhammad Riaz
Deputy Director
Tenured Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences

Dr. Muhammad Nawaz
Deputy Director
Assistant Professor, Department of Botany

Dr. Ali Usman Saleem
Deputy Director
Assistant Professor, Department of English

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