Government College University Faisalabad

Central Hi-Tech Lab

Iqbal Block, New Campus, Jhang Road, Faisalabad

Central Hi-Tech Lab has been established in Iqbal Block in 2014 at New Campus, Government College University Faisalabad. Central Hi-Tech Lab provides the opportunity to the scientists, researchers, students from Government College University, other Universities and R & D sections of the industries and non-government organizations for analysis in the field of biological, material, chemical and physical sciences.


The main objectives of the Central Hi-Tech Lab are

  • to provide assistance to promote scientific research in the university and other private organizations
  • to provide platform for faculty members, researchers and students for hand-on trainings on different state-of-the-art instruments.

Administration and Staff

Prof. Dr. Shahid Kamal
Executive Director/Vice Chancellor

Dr Abdullah Ijaz Hussain
Director/Associate Professor of Chemistry

Hi-Tech Staff

Dr Qasim Ali, Botany
Chromatographic & Spectroscopic Section
Assistant Professor of Botany

Dr Muhammad Jawwad Saif,
Material Testing Section
Assistant Professor of Applied Chemistry

Dr. Adnan Ali
X-Ray Diffraction Section
Assistant Professor of Physics

Dr Ali Imran
Elemental Analysis
Assistant Professor of Food Science

Dr Mahmood Ur Rehman Ansari
Molecular Biology
Assistant Professor of Bioinformatics & Biotechnology

Engr. Moazzam Mahmood
Deputy Director

Engr. Tallataf Rasheed
Research Officer

Facilities available

Chromatographic Section
(GC-MS/MS (Triple Quadruple), HPLC, GC-FID, Amino Acid Analyzer)

Spectroscopic Section
(FTIR and UV-Vis Double Beam Spectrophotometers)

Crystallography Section
(XRD Powder, XRD Single Crystal)

Elemental Analysis Section
(AAS, ICP-OES, Elemental Analyzer, CNS Analyzer)

Material Science Section
(Rheometer, DMA, DSC-TGA, Shear Tester)

Molecular Biology Section
(Thermal Cyclers Gradient)

SOPs for analysis
Download the relevant form, filled and submit the charges for the analysis in the bank.
Submit the dully signed and verified (from supervisors/chairperson) form along with paid voucher and samples to the office of Central Hi-Tech Lab.

Sample Submission Form

  1. Rate List
  2. Amino-Acod-Analyzer
  3. Atomic-Absorption-Spectrophotometer
  4. Elemental-Analysis
  5. FT-IR-Characterization
  6. GC-FID
  7. GC-MS
  8. HPLC
  9. ICP-AES
  10. Material-Characterization-DSC-TGA
  11. Rheometer
  12. UV-Visible-Double-Beam-Spectrophotometer
  13. XRD-Powder
  14. XRD-Single-Crystal


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