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The Faisalabad City

Faisalabad, the Manchester of Pakistan is one of the first planned and systematic cities in the sub continent envisaged by the British Government, after the name of Sir James Lyall. Lyallpur was the first name ascribed to this fertile land of Sandal Bar. The unique bond present between the sister countries Pakistan and Saudi Arabia paved the way to rename the city after the name of our friend, late King of Saudi Arabia, King Faisal. The City is catering to the needs of more than six million people. Agriculture and industry remains the hallmark of Faisalabad with a powerful and ever developing thrust in these sectors. Faisalabad International Airport, Faisalabad Dry Port and Industrial Zone linked with the Motorway are facilitating this hub of industrial activities.

The historical Clock-Tower with Eight Bazars designed after Union Jack, presents a magnificent example of town planning located in the province of Punjab to the west of Lahore, the provincial capital. With the proper infrastructure, road linkages Faisalabad serves as an example as district, as division and as a city for the developing world. The Faisalabad International cricket and hockey stadiums host international matches. The city has produced great leadership in the fields of politics, commerce, education, health, sports, agriculture, economy, bureaucracy and biotechnology.

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