Government College University Faisalabad

Institute of Fine Arts

Civil Line Campus, Near Ragency Plaza, Faisalabad

Scheme of Studies


To promote art and aesthetic sense at the demand of national and international requirements.


To prepare an artistic and educational community that values creativity, innovation, and conceptual tracks. The institute craves to temper craftsmanship with discipline and knowledge in the field of Art & Design.


Faisalabad Institute of Textile & Fashion Design offers 4 year degree programs in Textile Design, Fashion Design, Graphic Design and Fine Arts. Our upcoming programs are M.A Fine Arts (Morning/Evening), 1 year diplomas are in Multimedia, Textile Design, Graphic Design, and Fashion Design & Painting. Furthermore, 8 short courses of 6 months duration are in Textile design, Weaving, Interior Design, Drawing & Sketching, Calligraphy and Hani-Craft as well. Studio teaching at institute is supported by well-equipped laboratories, broadband internet access, a sculpture workshop, photographic studio sewing lab, Pattern lab, print making studio drawing lab, a library and well equipped graphic and general labs. The following courses are being offered in BFA (Textile Design/Graphic Design/Fine Arts & Fashion Design

Textile Design (4 Year Program in BTD)

The objective of Textile Design major it to introduce a broad range of Textile processes and theoretical perspectives on which to base the practice of textile design. It also develops the skills necessary for researching and originating contemporary textile themes, and creating fabric prototypes and samples.

Textile Design is concerned with understanding and creating one of the most intimate and yet public aspect of the material world. As technological and cultural creations, textiles and fundamental to the way we clothe, shelter and represent ourselves. As aesthetic expressions, textiles construct and communicate individual and social identities. Since weather pattern of Pakistan mostly remains hot & dry, the focus of majority of the designer is turning to launch individual brands in the field of Textile Prints. Therefore, it is pertinent for us to divert our curriculum in introducing latest and innovative textile prints in order to attract industrial factors & demands.

Major Courses: Visual Arts, Textile Theory, Weaving, Photography, History of Design

Graphic Design (4Year Program in BGD)

The term Graphic Design often refers to both the process (Designing) by which the communication is created and the products (Designs) which are generated. The faculty of graphic design at GC University Faisalabad focuses on number artistic and professional disciplines which lead to visual communication and presentation.

Various methods are thought to the students to create and combine symbols, images and words to create a visual representation of ideas & messages. Students use typography, visual arts and page layout techniques to produce the final result. To impart academic knowledge and give practical exposure to the students of Textile, Fashion and Graphic Design in order to produce skill man power for the textile & Fashion Industry of Pakistan.

Major Courses: Photography, Graphic Design, History of Design, Drawing, Graphic Printing

Fashion Design (4 Year Program BFD)

The Faculty of Fashion Design maintains close ties and continuously collaborates with the fashion industry to continue to provide current students with high quality professional training in tune with the needs of the current international fashion scene and industry. The objective of this course is the development of the creative talent of young people who plan to become professional fashion designers. It widens their abilities through research, observation and close examination of the methods for the creation of an innovation and individual fashion collection.

Major Courses: Fashion Drawing, Pattern, Sewing, Drapping, History of Fashion Costume

Fine Arts (4 Year Program BFA)

The Faculty of Fine Arts committed to the study and practice of the visual arts as these relate to creative art making, educational practice and theory, and the understanding of art in its diverse historical and cultural settings. Institute of Arts & Design produces graduated well equipped to meet the numerous overlapping skills currently demanded within professional art practice and theoretical discourse.

Major Courses: Painting, Landscaping, Sculpture, Print Making, Calligraphy, History of Art, Sculpture

The department offers specialization in Sculpture focusing exclusively on the techniques and materials in professional sculptural forms as an area of professional study.

Painting: The objective of this program is to assist the students in developing professional and traditional techniques of paining as a major skill and learning how to paint in innovative ways.

Print Making: Students expand their understanding of basic print making principles through advanced applied problems focused on print making as visual representation of images, language, and through various conceptual and traditional techniques with the help of equipment available in the department.

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