Government College University Faisalabad

Department of Statistics

Second Floor, Zakir Hussain Block, Old Campus

Scheme of Studies

Course Outlines


To disseminate quality education and produce quality research in different areas of Statistics and to produce highly skilled professional, scholars and researchers equipped with adequate knowledge of statistics to meetthe contemporary and futurechallenges.


The mission of the Department of Statistics is to contribute to the overall objectives of the Government College University, Faisalabad and the Affiliated Colleges, Science, and the Arts through excellence in research and education in the Statistical Sciences and through service to the university community, statistical profession, and society at large.The proliferation of quantitative information in society demands that we help to develop the next generation of statistics professionals while increasing the statistical literacy of our students and the frequency of collaboration with our colleagues.


Statistical methods and the application of probability theory are essential to the understanding of data and underlying processes in a very wide variety of fields, including health sciences, economics and finance, social science,government, engineering, biological and physical sciences. In Government College, Faisalabad the Department of Statistics was established in 1960. Initially intermediate and degree classes were started. In October, 2002 the college was upgraded to University and a 2 year Master degree program was launched in September, 2003. BS (Hons.) a 4 year degree program was launched in September, 2005; the Department took the initiative of launching the MPhil (Statistics) program in 2012. Currently 250 students are enrolled in different programs being offered by the Department of Statistics.

Statistical computations contribute as a major player to meet the demand of the students and requirements of extended research activities in the graduate and post graduate courses. Statistics is considerably more applied and vocational than many other courses. It aims to produce students who can immediately work as applied statisticians. Whereas all theoretical concepts are covered, the emphasis throughout is on applying and adapting it to real-life circumstances. The analysis of real data sets constitutes the core of the courses and pivotal role of the computer as a powerful tool in modern statistics is constantly emphasized throughout the programs being offered. Weekly assignments/practical work makes extensive use of standard statistical packages including Minitab, SPSS, EViews, R, Mathematica, Design Expert etc. The graduated students are employed in reputable Public and private sector organizations like Federal and Provincial Bureaus of Statistics, National Universities, State Bank of Pakistan, Pharmaceutical Industries, Government offices, Commercial Banks, and many other firms and organizations.

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