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Nutritional Sciences



The Department of Nutritional Sciences will serve international, national, regional and local communities through discovery of the ways to make balance diet in effective cost for the community ensuring the good health of nation and preventing burden of disease through effective application of nutrition knowledge.


Department of Nutrition Sciences, Government College University Faisalabad is committed to excellence. Mission of Department is “Knowledge Based Study & Value Added Research”. We are committed to provide good Nutritionists/ Dietician as well as good human beings to society so that they may have theoretical and practical contribution for the betterment of humanity. The department assures to produce highly skilled Nutritionists capable of making significant contribution in the different community sectors and related fields both in academia and industry at national and international levels.


  • To produce competent Nutritionists/Dieticians with adequate scientific background to meet the needs of public and private sector
  • To provide professional leadership, services and outreach activities in the major areas of Nutritional Sciences
  • To resolve issues oriented in the field of Nutrition
  • To meet the training needs of public and private sector
  • To produce competent nutritionists and Dietitians for different organizations


The Department of Nutritional Sciences at Government College University Faisalabad was established in 2020. The magnificent faculty, state-of-the-art building, laboratory facilities, and friendly dedicated staff members make the Department a pleasant place to study and conduct research. Recently the Department of Nutritional Sciences has signed three MOUs, one with World Poultry Science Association (WPSA) and second with Association for Bio risk Management Pakistan (ABM), and Tianshi International Pakistan (TIENS) to facilitate the research activities and job placement of passed out students.

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