Directorate of Student Affairs

Dr. Nadeem Sohail

Director Student Affairs

Directorate of Student Affairs (DSA), Government College University, Faisalabad focuses not only on the overall personality grooming of students but also covers discipline, health facilities, workshops, career services, counseling services, and financial assistance to students in the back-drop of emerging modern trends in the education sector. This office was assigned the task of working for the promotion and facilitation of co-curricular and cultural activities. In a short span, DSA has been successfully providing a forum with nine functional societies to the students to express their recreational and literary talents. Life on campus for students, teaching and non-teaching staff in marked with multidimensional cultural functions and academic activity.

Various seminars on current national and international issues have also been organized. Musical evenings, Sham-e-Ghazal, theatrical performances by the students, debate competitions, fun fair and regular sports activities in the University keep the students involved in creative activities, polish their organizational skills thus keeping them away from getting themselves involved in any anti-social or extremist activity.

In the shape of University magazine The Beacon, the students find the best way to present their creative talent in prose and poetry. Inter-university tours provide students with opportunity to get the latest information and update their knowledge with a sense of positive comparison and develop in them a sense of belonging.

Achievements of DSA

One of the major achievements of DSA is to host ‘All PAKISTAN BILINGUAL DECLAMATION CONTEST’ on April 11, 201. This is for the first time that GCUF has arranged this event. All Pakistan Bilingual Declamation Contest is a solid step to promote Co-curricular Culture in the university.

DSA and office of the Senior Tutor has launched ‘Programme of Tutorial Groups Meetings’ at (Hons) level. Tutorial groups meetings are held on Fridays. This forum provides an excellent opportunity to the students to utilize their artistic potentials in the right direction. The tutorial Groups being interdepartmental aim at promoting harmony between students of various disciplines.

Deputy Directors

In order to strengthen the Directorate of Student Affairs, the Vice Chancellor has been pleased to assign the additional duties of Deputy Director Studen Affairs to the following faculty members

Main Campus

  • Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad Khan (Lecturer, Department of Arabic)
  • Mr. Ghulam Murtiza (Lecturer, College of Law)
  • Ms. Effat Yasin (Lecturer, Department of Physics)

New Campus

  • Dr. Mohsin Bashir (Assistant Professor, College of Management & Administrative Science)
  • Ms. Ssabeen Masood (Lecturer, College of Commerce)

University Community College

  • Mr. Ghiyas Anwar (Lecturer, Physics)

FITFD Campus

  • Ms. Tehmina Afzal (Assistant Professor, Institute of Art & Design)
  • Mr. Safdar Hussain Tahir (Assistant Professor, Department of Banking & Finance)