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Directorate of Distance Learning Education

Dr. Muhammad Naeem Mohsin

Director Distance Learning


Introducing Distance Learning Education Program

The distance education has evolved as an alternative to the formal system of education after an increasing realization that it is not perfectly coping with the educational needs and demands of the rapidly growing population. The demand for education in Pakistan through formal system has consistently run ahead of resources the bulk of their population. Therefore, remain educationally defined, there are failing the demand in formal system, the need of non-formal education in various disciplines become evident in concept of distance education. The distance education helps to:

  1. Cope with the rapid increasing demand of education,
  2. Provide mass education at reasonable and low costs,
  3. Acquire education at any stage of their life and,
  4. Boost up the professional development of working people on their job place.

Instead of bringing students to the seats of learning, it was proposed to take schools to the students and hence this concept of distance education came into existence in G.C University Faisalabad.

The main components of its teaching system are:

  1. Correspondence package which includes self-learning printed study material
  2. Correspondence tuition and face to face tutorial meetings with qualified tutors
  3. Workshop of each selected course
  4. Course assignments (as an instrument both for teaching and continuous assessment)
  5. Final examination at the end of the Semester.

Scheme of Studies

  1. B.Com
  2. M.Com
  3. B.ED Special Education
  4. B.ED
  5. M.ED Special Education
  6. M.ED
  7. M.Phil Education
  8. M.Phil Islamic Studies
  9. M.Sc Applied Psychology
  10. M.Sc Economics
  11. MA Education
  12. MA English Literature
  13. MA Islamic Studies
  14. MA International Relations
  15. MPA
  16. MS MBA BBA
  17. MSc Math
  18. Post Graduate Diploma in CS
  19. MA Urdu
  20. MA Persian
  21. MSc Pakistan Studies
  22. MSc Sociology
  23. B-Tech (Pass)


Note: For further information visit the office of Distance Learning Education 1st floor Emerging Sciences Block Contact #: 041-9201110