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Dr. Abdul Rauf Bhatti, Director ORIC

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The University has implemented R & D policy to inculcate research culture and to increase the research productivity of the University. For coordination and implementation of Research & Development (R & D) Policy and to provide active guidance and support for research, innovation and commercialization activities, an Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) has been established at GCUF in line with the guidelines of the HEC. Since its establishment in April 2009 (Directorate of Research), ORIC is very actively working to promote research and commercialization activities and academia industry collaboration at GCUF. The GCUF-ORIC team is committed to extend all possible facilitation and assistance to solicit your research plan under R & D projects and programs at HEC, and to encourage each and every single innovation which stimulates the country’s economy. We are also creating opportunities for Academia at all levels to directly engage Industry to create more competitive businesses and innovative environment.


The ORIC is responsible for the commercialization of research and knowledge developed by the GCUF researchers, faculty and scholars. Our focus is:

  • To foster and develop collaborative work environments among GCUF researchers, industry partners and funding agencies.
  • To mobilize the faculty to submit proposal for funding from different international and national funding agencies and donors.
  • To manage research activities and grants received for research and development
  • To facilitate the faculty providing Intellectual Property rights and legal services.
  • To establish and implement Internal Compliance Program (ICP) in the university and provide awareness to the faculty and student about the ICP.
  • To communicate and strengthen the University-Industry linkages and hence to promote the Business Incubation Center (BIC) through its network of contacts


The following eminent scientists rendered their services in this office.

  • Dr. Mubasher Niaz
  • Prof. Dr. Mohammad Zuber
  • Prof. Dr. Farhat Abbas
  • Dr. Khalid Mahmood Zia

Research Operations & GCUF Publications Database

Research Operation Cell is responsible to oversee all aspects of the operation of the ORIC including research administration (budgeting, auditing and accounting, human resources, management and maintenance of facilities and equipment, implementation of research contracts and human resources). Publications play pivotal role in HEC university ranking. The ORIC has prepared a “Publication Database” to record all published work of the researchers of GCUF. The database enlists publications in impact factor, national, and international journals. Through generating the Publication Database, the ORIC calculates impact factors of individual researchers, departments, and the faculties of GCUF to give fair credit to researchers/departments/faculties for achievements of GCUF.

Research and Development & GCUF Research Projects Database

Research and Development Cell develops programs and activities that will increase funding for research from all public and private sources, establish and maintain excellent relationships with donors and stakeholders, oversee proposal development and submission. The ORIC prepared a “Research Project Database” for all completed and running research projects of GCUF. The ORIC assist PI’s for completing their new research proposals.

Intellectual Property (IP) Policy and Legal Services

IP Policy creates a supportive environment for the achievement of best practice management in the application and commercialization of IP developed within the institute for the benefit of the people of Pakistan and the world at large. The purpose of this policy will be to clarify how intellectual property is to be managed by the institute. The IP Policy states position in relation to intellectual property and informs on fundamental steps that lead to the proper management, protection and/or commercialization of intellectual property. This policy is to be followed by all faculty members, researchers as well as students and the research and academic institutions with which the institution concerned may enter into agreements. ORIC-GCUF facilitates the faculty providing IP rights and legal services.

Business Incubation Center (BIC)

A business incubator’s main goal is to produce successful firms that will leave the program financially viable and freestanding. These services are usually developed or orchestrated by incubator management and offered both in the business incubator and through its network of contacts. These incubator graduates have the potential to create jobs, revitalize neighborhoods, commercialize new technologies, and strengthen local and national economies. ORIC-GCUF is committed to establish BIC and therefore has requested to HEC for financial as well as technical assistance for the proposed BIC.

University-Industry Linkages and Technology Transfer

This cell promotes the development of public-private partnerships in support of university research, link the university’s research community with the needs and priorities of the corporate sector, develops opportunities for applied research and explores opportunities for technology transfer and the commercialization of university research (including incubators and research parks). Effective cooperation between institutions and industry is for mutual benefit depending upon the nature and ability of both to contribute to each other’s activities. These relationships must be long term in order to gain maximum benefit out of it. Entrepreneurs and business leaders can contribute as mentors and can offer their expertise in development of entrepreneurship courses and subjects aligned with the needs of that specific industry.

Internal and External Linkages

The ORIC is open to suggestion for improvements. Our goal is to upgrade GCUF’s ranking. GCUF is striving for excellence. The ORIC will create good working relationship with higher learning institutions, industries and donor agencies especially NIAB, NIBGE, UAF, HEC, PSF, PARB, PARC, PCSIR, British Council, USDA, JICA, CIDA, and others to enhance entrepreneurship, academic and research excellence.

Internal Compliance Program (ICP)

Strategic Goods are relating to the development, design, production, stock piling or use of: chemical, biological, radiological & nuclear (CBRN) weapons, conventional arms & military equipment & their delivery. Strategic goods also include dual-use goods, i.e., they may be in use of military as well as in civilian use. In such cases, the industries like aerospace, automotive, advanced engineering, bioscience, chemicals, defence, electronics & telecom, Hi-Tech equipment, information technology, medical instrument, pharmaceutical and research and development are most likely to be affected. In this concern HEC has recently introduced Internal Compliance for Universities; code of conduct/ethics for Scientists. ORIC-GCUF is committed to establish ICP in the University following the directions and guidelines of HEC Pakistan.


The GCUF-ORIC team is also grooming the faculty through series of seminar/training/workshop for changing mindset and building capacity for Innovation & Commercialization.

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