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Collection of Scholarship Forms for BEEF policy 2019-20

Posted on: 15 Oct 2020

BEEF has already launched Scholarship Policy 2019-20. Similarly, the students of Balochistan enrolled in BS, Professional Degree, Masters and MS/MPhil programs at Government College University, Faisalabad and got admission in Fall 2020 are eligible to apply for BEEF scholarships in SQS Categories on basis of result declared in 2019. The details of eligible sessions and required results are explained as under:

BS Program

  1. 2019-23 Session is eligible on the Basis of Intermediate result.
  2. 2018-22 Session is eligible on the basis of 1st Prof result or 2nd semester CGPA 
  3. 2017-21 Session is eligible on the Basis of 2nd Prof result or 4th semester CGPA
  4. 2016-20 session is eligible on the basis of 3rd Prof result or 6th Semester CGPA
  5. 2015-20 Session (Only 5 year Degree program) is eligible on the basis of 4th prof result or 8th semester CGPA

Master Program

  1. 2019-21 Session is eligible on the basis of 1st Semester GPA
  2. 2018-20 Session is eligible on the basis of 2nd semester CGPA

MS/M.Phil Program

  1. 2019-20 Session is eligible on the basis of 1st semester GPA


  • The students enrolled in the above sessions are eligible and may apply for BEEF scholarships. The scholarship Application Form is also available at Photostats shop and GCUF website Download Application Form
  • Scholarship forms with all necessary credentials i.e. Copies of verified result, Local, CNIC and students card are required to be attested by concerned department. should reach the Students’ Financial Aid Office complete in all respects according to the above instructions on or before¬†¬† 10th November, 2020
  • Student’s already availed Freeship in previous semesters are not eligible.

For further information contact:
Saima Parveen
Assistant Registrar/Incharge (SFAO)
Contact No. 041-9201301

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