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Self Assessment Report (SAR) for Affiliated Colleges

Posted on: 27 Oct 2021

The Directors/ Principals,
Affiliated Colleges of Government College University,

All the Directors/ Principals of Affiliated Colleges are directed to prepare and submit Self Assessment Report (SAR) of two programs and submit to QEC, Government College University, Faisalabad, before 01/12/2021 (For soft copy the email ID is

            The complete Self Assessment procedure is as followed:

  1. Department nominates two Program Team Members (PT members)
  2. Program Team members prepare SAR and submit it to QEC of the college
  3. Principal/ Director nominates Assessment Team Members (at least two)
  4. QEC plans and fixes Assessment Team visit.
  5. The Assessment Team conducts assessment and presents its findings to QEC
  6. QEC prepares Executive Summary of the visit
  7. Department prepares Implementation Plan
  8. QEC fills the rubrics
  9. QEC submits the report to Director QEC, GCUF in binding form.

Along with SAR following documents are also required:

  1. Nomination of Program Team Members
  2. Nomination of Assessment Team Members
  3. Complete Assessment Visit Report
  4. Executive Summary
  5. Implementation Plan and
  6. Rubrics

(For soft copy the email ID is (For guidance and help please contact Mr. Fazal Ur Rehman, Coordinator, QEC. Contact No. 0300-9479158)

Dr. Khalid Mahmood Zia

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