Government College University Faisalabad

Instructions About 6th Comprehensive Exam of B.Tech Civil Technology

Posted on: 08 Dec 2020

  1. Make sure you know the time and location of your paper.
  2. Mobile phone and laptop bags are not allowed in examination Hall.
  3. Do not bring any helping material with you. Invigilator is fully authorized to cancel paper and proceed disciplinary action if any student is caught cheating.
  4. Every Student must have his university card, Picture passport size with Blue back ground and Original Identity card.
  5. Bring your own water bottle during exam, it is not allowed to go outside for drink water.
  6. You are not to allowed to leave examination hall in the first hour.
  7. Arrival time is before 30 minutes of starting exam and must report in examination hall.
  8. Please contact to coordinator for further query before starting the examination.
  9. All the students are advised to bring their own hand sanitizer and mask, without these entry to the examination center will not be permitted.

Staring time of Paper: 03:00 PM
Venue: Zakir Hussain Block, Old Campus GCUF
Date: 18-12-2020 (Friday)

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