Tender No.       151

Purchase Price: Rs. 500/-


1. Sealed Tenders are invited from the firms who are registered with the Sales Tax and Income Tax Department for purchase of Spare Parts of Split Air Conditioners for PMU as given in Tender documents (Annexure ‘A’ attached).

2. Tender Opening Date

The tender must reach the office of the undersigned on or before 07th July 2011 at 1400 Hours which will be opened on same day at 1430 Hours in the office of the undersigned by the University Purchase Committee in the presence of the firms / authorized representatives who wish to attend.

3. Call Deposit @ 5% (earnest money)

a.         The Bank Security Receipt  (original) at the rate of 5% of the tendered amount (refundable) in the form of deposit-at-call according to its value (Cheque not acceptable) in the name of the  Treasurer, Government College University, Faisalabad must be attached with the tender without which the tender will not be accepted.

b.         The rates / bids should be inclusive of all Govt. Taxes.

4. Validity of Offers.

a.         The bids / offers must be valid for atleast 06 months.

b.         Withdrawal / modification of the original offer within the validity period   shall entitle the University to forfeit earnest   money.

c.         The quantities are adjustable as per actual demands.

5. Failures and Terminations:

No offer of a supplier / firm will be considered if:-

a.         Received without Earnest Money / Call Deposit or less CDR than the required.

b.         Received later than the date and time fixed for tender.

c.         The tender is incomplete in any respect or is unsigned.

d.         The offer is ambiguous and the offer is conditional.

e.         The offer from of firm which is black listed, by any Govt. Office.

f.          Any erasing cutting / overwriting etc. will not be accepted.

g.         The supplier fails to deliver the consignment within the specified delivery period strictly in accordance with the terms and conditions as laid down in  the letter of award; the University is authorized to forfeit the earnest money and the firm will be black listed.

6. Other special condition

a.         After receipt of the items the inspection will be carried out by the end user department within 15 days.

b.     The decision of the Vice Chancellor of Government College University, Faisalabad, would be final & binding on both the parties and not challengeable in any court of law.

c.         The quantities can be increased / decreased by the Competent Authority.

d.         The GCUF reserve the right to reject any or all of the tenders without assigning any reason there of.

e.         Catalogue / literature of the equipment/material supplied must be enclosed with the equipment / material and make of the country.

f.          All Government Taxes will be deducted according to Govt. rules in vogue.

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