Tender Tenting & Catering Services

The 1st International Conference on Applied Chemical, Biological and Agricultural Sciences (Education and Science Expo) to be held on 18-20th February 2014 at  Government College University, Faisalabad (GCUF). Therefore, sealed Tenders are invited for Tenting & Catering Services etc. as under:

  1. The serving of Two Teas (morning and afternoon) and Lunch (Single Dish) for approximately 550 persons on 18th February 2014 and Serving of Two Teas (morning and afternoon), Lunch for approximately 550 persons and Dinner for approximately 250 persons on 19th February 2014 and Hi-Tea (morning) for approximately 550 persons on 20th February 2014.
  2. Seating arrangements of about 600 persons for Pindal (number of persons can be increased or decreased) and arrangement of Stage for 15 persons
  3. Sound System

30% Advance payment will be granted on the approved bid

Tender documents can be obtained from the office of the undersigned from 10-02-2014 to 12-02-2014, during working hours on payment of Rs. 1000/- (Rs. One Thousand only) in shape of CDR in favour of Treasurer Government College University, Faisalabad. The tender must be submitted before 1200 hours on 13-02-2014   and will be opened at 1400 hours on the same day by the Committee mentioned bellow in the presence of Vendors/ Firms or their representatives who wish to attend. Call Deposit in the form of a CDR/Bank Draft in favour of Treasurer, Government College University, Faisalabad, valuing equal to 2% of the Bid Cost must be attached with the bid, no bid will be entertained without call deposit of 2% of the quoted value. Tender documents & detailed specifications can also be downloaded from GCUF website (www.gcuf.edu.pk) and/or PPRA website (www.ppra.org.pk) and, in this case, tender fee (Rs. 1000.00) will be attached with bid proposal in the form of a CDR / Bank Draft in the name of Treasurer, GCUF.

Dr. Muhammad Zubair Siddiqui
Convener  Conference Food Committee