Tender 175 for The Purchase of Lab Equipment for Environmental Sciences Department






1 Electric balances 02 Basic laboratory requirement for preparatory analytical protocols
  • Digital top loading, sensitivity: 0.001 gm, glass case with sliding glass doors, operated on 220 V.
  • Weighing capacity: 220 g, Minimum display: 0.1 mg, Automatic calibration, operated on 220 V
2 pH/EC meters 04 Basic laboratory requirement and used for water, soil and plant analysis, and reagent/chemical preparations Digital bench top, microprocessor controlled, temperature indication, pH range: -2 to +19, pH resolution: 0.005/0.01, MV range: -999 to +999, Temperature range: 5 to 105 °C, Dual operating mode (battery and 220 V)
3 Digital colony counter 01 Basic microbiological analysis Digital bench top, LED display, built in sensor system, petri dish size: 70 to 100 mm, fluorescence light, operated on 220 V
4 Flame photometer 01 Basic cation (Na. K, Ca and Mg) analysis in soil, water and wastewater samples Sensitivity : To display minimum of 100 units, Na <0.5 ppm, K <0.5 ppm, Li 5 ppm, Ca 5 ppm, Ba 200 ppm. Specificity: For Na, K, Li interference is less than 0.5% of the concentration of Na, K, Li, Ca or Ba, equal to the concentration under analysis. Linearity: Better than 2% mid range with Na=3ppm, K=3ppm, or Li=5ppm. Drift: ( To be measured after 30 mins warm up): Zero Drift better than 2% per hour when calibrated with Na=10ppm. Reproducibility:< 1 % CV from the same Bulk sample for 20 determinations at Na and K=10ppm. Limit of Detection: <20 ppb Na and K. Time to Stability: Aspirate for 20 secs. Aspiration Rate: Variable 2-6 mls /min
5 Laminar flow hood 01 Core instrument for soil and environmental microbiology Horizontal bench top, Cabinet size: 4 feet × 2 feet, Interior dimensions (minimum): 1120×480×550 mm,  LED display, Hepa filter with efficiency of 99.99 % at 0.3 µm, transparent UV tempered glass slide walls, built in fluorescent light, Air flow velocity: 0.3 m/s, Light intensity: 800 lux, operated on 220 V.
6 Mechanical/orbital shaker 01 Soil extraction, microbial analysis and nutrient analysis Dimensions: 430×360×100 mm (W×H×D), Orbital diameter: 10 mm, Continuous working time: 1-1200 minutes, Speed range: 0-500 rpm, Loading capacity: 10 kg
7 Hydrometer 05 Soil textural analysis Hydrometer, API, ASTM ; Hydrometer, 25-31° API, ASTM 26H, 335mm
8 Optical Density (OD) meter 01 Microbiological analysis, wastewater analysis Wavelength Range: 600nm, Lamp Source: LED, Optical System: LED, Absorbance Range: -0.3 to 1.99A, Bandwidth: 40nm, Stray Light: <1%T
9 Incubators 01 Study of microbial growth, soil enzymatic protocols, biological properties under controlled conditions Temperature range: 10 to 70 °C, Timer range: 1 to 999 hours, natural air convention, capacity: 150 L
10 Hotplates with magnetic stirrer 02 Reagent/chemical preparation Maximum temperature: 400 °C, Speed control: 10 to 1200 rpm, stirring capacity: 10 L, operated on: 220 V
11 Refrigerators (4 °C) 02 Storing soil, microbe, water, plant samples and certain chemicals, and stock solutions Interior dimensions (minimum): 720W×1345H×350D mm, Capacity: 350 L, temperature range: 2-14 range with digital display
12 Freezer (-20 °C) 01 Storing soil, microbe, water, plant samples and certain chemicals, and stock solutions Internal temperature: -18°C to -25°C, dimensions (minimum): 558 (w) x 600 (d) x 863 (h) mm, gross capacity: 200 litres;
13 Oven 01 Moisture content of soil and plant samples; dry weight of soil and plant samples Temperature range: ambient to 240 °C, timer range: 100 hours, capacity: 150 L
14 Muffle Furnace 01 Ash content of soil and plant samples; organic matter content Temperature range: up to 1100 °C, chamber size: 120×140×130 mm, operated on: 220 V
15 Grinding mill 01 Milling and grinding of soil and plant samples for nutrient analysis. Operating Principle: Shearing, Maximum Feed Size: 30 mm, Final Fineness: < 2 mm , Capacity: 2 kg in 5 minutes
16 Set of sieves 01 Soil preparation for experiments; pipette method for soil textural analysis Diameter: 10 inch, Screening surfaces: perforated brass plate, Screen size: 0.5mm, 1mm, 2mm, 3mm and 5mm size openings.
17 Soil and water sampling tools 01 Sampling of soil, water and wastewater Soil Augers: Depth range: up to 12 feet with the supplied extensions with removable retaining cylinder, Auger diameter: 1, 2, 3 and 4 inches.

Soil core samplersDimensions: 2″ x 6″, 1.5″ x 6″  Complete with cup and cap

Water samplers:  3, 6 and 12 feet long handled dipper, Capacity: 500 mL

18 Autoclave 01 Sterilization of media for soil microbiological analysis Temperature range: 105-140 °C, Capacity: 120 L, Timer: 1-250 minutes, Pressure gauge: 0-0.4 mpa, Modes: Solids and liquid, Lock systems: Double interlock electromechanical, Operating voltage: 220V
19 Turbid meter 01 Water and wastewater analysis Nature: Portable, Range: 0 to 1000 NTU, Calibration standard: 0.02, 20, 100, 800 NTU, Readability: ± 0.01 NTU, Light source: Infrared emitting diode (850 nm)
20 Gas Burners 10 Basic laboratory equipment Bunsen burners with long needle valve along adjustable gas supply
21 Retort stands 12 Basic laboratory equipment Base finished in silver-grey enamel to resist corrosion, Base size: 200 x 125mm with 600 x 12.5mm rod, Clamps included
22 Centrifuges 01 Nutrient analysis; microbial analysis Speed range: 250-6000 rpm, Display: Digital with actual speed, Timer range: 0-120 minutes, Lock system: lid lock, Rotor capacity: 1-12×50-75 mL, Operated on: 220 V
23 SPAD Meter 01 Chlorophyll contents and photosynthetic rate   measurement Measurement method: Optical density difference at 2 wavelengths, Measurement area: 2 mm × 3 mm, Subject thickness: 1.2 mm maximum, Receptor: 1 SPD (silicon photodiode), Display: LCD panel showing 4-digit measurement value (values shown to first decimal place) and 2-digit number of measurements; Trend graph of values in memory can also be shown, Display range: -9.9 to 199.9 SPAD units, Minimum interval between measurements: Approx. 2 seconds, Repeatability: Within ±0.3 SPAD, Reproducibility: Within ±0.5 SPAD units, Operating temperature/humidity range: 0 to 50°C; Relative humidity of 85% or less (at 35°C) with no condensation,
24 Millipore filtering unit 01 Filtration of soil samples/extracts and water samples under pressure Materials of Construction: Polysulfone funnel, funnel cover, receiver flask and cover; polypropylene holder base, and filter support screen; silicone stopper, Filter Diameter: 47 mm, Filtration Area: 13.8 cm2, Funnel Capacity: 250 or 500 mL, Funnel Capacity: 250 or 500 mL, Prefilter Diameter: 42 mm (thick depth prefilter) or 47 mm (membrane prefilter), Outlet Fitting: Holder outlet stopper fits standard 1 L filtering flask, Receiver Flask Fitting: Receiver flask ports accept 6 mm (1/4″) I.D. tubing or male Luer slip connection for vacuum, drain or vent, Cover Inlet and Vent Ports: Female Luer slip
25 Vacuum pump 01 Soil extraction, pressure filtration Dimensions L+H+W (mm) 261+204+110, Delivery: 22 l /min, Absolute Vacuum: 100 mbar, Operating Pressure (max): 1 (bar), Connectors for Tube ID 9 (mm), Ambient Temperature: 5-40°C, Operation: 220 V, Motor Protection: 44, Power: 130 W
26 Gel Electrophoresis 01 DNA analysis Gel dimensions: 10×7 cm, Nature: UV transparent with UV Tray, one comb for 10 sample thickness 1.0 mm and on comb for 15 samples thickness 1.0 mm thickness with leads, Voltage range digital: 10-300V, Current: 4-400 mA, Timer: 0-999 minutes, Operating volt: 220 V
27 Thermo cycler 01 PCR analysis of DNA Size: 16 cm wide, 17 cm deep, 23 cm high, Weight: 4 kg (with external power supply), Power supply: Universal input with maximum draw of 180 W, Block Configurations: 24-well and 96-well, Max instantaneous ramp rate: In excess of 8°C per second, Max average ramp rate: 5°C heating and 4.5°C cooling, Thermal uniformity: +/- 0.3°C, Thermal accuracy: +/- 0.2°C, Thermal range: 0°C–99.9°C, User interface: Semi-graphical programming, Heated lid: Fully automated and motorized function
28 UV Visible Spectrophotometer 01 Elemental analysis of the environmental samples Nature: Monochromator high resolution concave diffraction grating with Japanese Sya-Namioka mount, Built in silicon photodiode detector with built in deuterium and halogen lamp with automatic change over, printer interface data storage USB flash drive with built in RS232C bidirectional interface optional PC control by using all in one software  built in cell holder complete with 2 glass and 2 UV cells Wavelength range: 190-1100 nm, Bandwidth: 1.5 nm, Wavelength accuracy: ±0.3 nm, Wavelength repeatability: ±0.1 nm, Photometric mode/range: Absorbance (-3.0 t0 3.0), % transmittance (0-600%), concentration (0-9999), Photometric accuracy: ±0.0002 Abs, ±0.3 T, Photometric repeatability: ±0.001 Abs, ±0.15 T, Scan speed: 10-3600 nm/min, Operation: 220 V
29 Micro Pipette Set 01 1 µ L   10 µ L , 20 µ L , 100 µ L , 1000 µ L Product Type: Fixed Volume Micropipettes, Capacity: 1-1000 µl (1 ml), Accuracy: (± 0.3 %) [± 0.6 µl] at stated capacity, Precision: (≤ 0.2 %) [≤ 0.4 µl ] at stated capacity