Syndicate Meeting

In 23rd meeting presided by the Vice-chancellor, Prof. Dr. Zakir Hussain on December 2, 2010, the syndicate approved the actions taken by the Vice-chancellor regarding the nominations of members of the Board of Studies (BOSs) of the various departments. The house further authorized the Vice-chancellor for necessary substitutions in the said BOS and also advised that as far as possible nominations be made from the institutions situated in Faisalabad. The syndicate also approved the adoption of HEC Notification No. 1- Adv (QA and LI)/HEC/FAC/2010/752  dated September 30, 2010 regarding eligibility criteria for appointment of Professor Emeritus in the University with the observations that check should be exercised on the number of Professors Emeritus in the University. Further, it approved the action taken by the vice chancellor regarding the appointment of senior faculty members as chairpersons/incharge/principals of various teaching departments and colleges.