Strategic Partnership between Newcastle University UK and GCUF

A British Council and Pakistan Higher Education Funded International Strategic Partnership between Newcastle University UK and Government College University Faisalabad on ‘Fish quality and water pollution’ inaugurated at GCUF

The Inaugural Ceremony of the joint International project between Newcastle University and GC university Faisalabad on “Using fish as a bio-indicator of water pollution” was taken place today at the Mian Yousaf Auditorium of the Government College University Faisalabad. The project has been funded by the British Council and Higher Education Commission of Pakistan under the INSPIR strategic partnership programme. The project will last for 3 years by involving strategic issues of ‘water pollution and aquatic life’ in the fields of  research, education and training. Speaking on the occasion as the Chief Guest, Prof Dr. Zakir Hussain appreciated the efforts of the Pakistan Team Leader Dr. Farhat Jabeen and the Lead Partner Dr. Abdul Shakoor Chaudhry from the Newcastle University UK  in developing this partnership of great significance in the area that is heavily dependant upon fishing for their livelihood. Professor Zakir Hussain also thanked the funders for their timely support for this project. Professor Dr. Naureen Aziz Qureshi, Dean Faculty of Science and Technology also praised the quality of this field and paid her best wishes for the success of this project. The Lead Partner, Dr. Abdul Shakoor Chaudhry explained the historical background of this project which was developed from a Post-doctoral fellowship of Dr. Farhat Jabeen in the same field of research. Dr. Chaudhry thanked the funders and the partner universities for their positive actions in approving and supporting the submission of this application and the launch of relevant activities at Newcastle University, UK and Government College University Faisalabad. The Pakistani Team Leader, Dr. Farhat Jabeen also spoke on the occasion by highlighting the completed work and the future activities of this joint project of huge significance for the quality of water and aquatic life.