polio and measles

Seminar on Polio & Measles

Polio and measles are getting much common in our society. Polio is affecting the children under the age of 5 years. It is transmitted through feco-oral route. Pakistan is one of the highly affected countries of the world. Measles is affecting newly born and children up to 9 months of age. As it is a highly contagious disease, it is easily transmitted through air. To create awareness about these two diseases, Directorate of Medical Sciences has organized a seminar on March 10, 2015. Prof. Dr Muhammad Ali, Vice Chancellor G.C University was Chief Guest of the program. Prof Muhammad Ali Tirmizi, Principal Punjab Medical College was the guest of Honor. Prof. Dr Hina Ayesha, Prof of Pediatrics was invited to be the guest speaker and subject specialist. The session started with the recitation of Holy Quran and Naa’t Shareef. Afterwards, Mr. Mohsin Khursheed, Lecturer, briefed about the microbiological features of measles. Mr Imtiaz Mehmood Tahir, Lecturer, discussed the etiology and biochemistry of Polio. Dr. Naveeda Gillani, Assistant Prof, talked about the clinical aspects of both diseases. Then, the guest speaker, Prof. Dr Hina Ayesha, Prof of Pediatrics was invited. In a very good and interactive manner, she explained the ratio of Polio and Measles, their complications, prevention and Vaccination. Medical Superintendent General Hospital Ghulam Muhammadabad Dr. Bukhari and District Health Officer, Dr. Goraya shared their views about the seminar and the two hazardous diseases. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ali showed his deep interest in the seminar and advised the students to play their role in eradicating these diseases from Pakistan.