Seminar on Federalism in Pakistan

The Seminar on Federalism in Pakistan is being organized by Department of Political Science and International Relations with the collaboration of Hanns Seidel Foundation, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Venue: Sofi Barkat Ali Hall

Time: 9:00 AM

Date: 15-12-2015

List of Selected Students

The following students are directed to report in the department of Political Science and International Relations not later than 11 December 2015.

  1. Ali Eartaza, M.A Political Science
  2. Mehwish Younas, M.phil political science
  3. Rizwana Kausar, PhD Political Science
  4. Tauseef Ahmad, M.Phil International Relations
  5. Sidra Karamat, PhD Political Science
  6. Junaid Kaleem, M.Phil Political science
  7. Khadija Murtaza, M.Phil Political science
  8. Zainab Murtaza, M.Phil Political science
  9. Anwar Ali, PhD Political Science
  10. Basharat Ali, M.Phil Political science
  11. Tehmina Kosar, M.Phil Political science
  12. Jahanzaib Liaqat, M.Phil Political science
  13. Shoukat Rashid, M.A Political Science
  14. Zab Un Nisa, Ph.D Political Science
  15. Muhammad Imran, Ph.D Political Science
  16. Sadia Saeed, M.Phil Political science
  17. Rizwan  Majeed, M.A Political Science
  18. Faiza Butt, M.phil Political science
  19. Muhammad Ahmad, BS Political Science
  20. Sidra Akram, M.phil Political science
  21. M. Latif Asghar, M.Phil Sociology
  22. Shamila Tabassum, M.phil Political science
  23. Jabir Ali Khan, BS Political Science
  24. Imran Khan, PhD Political Science
  25. Muhammad Imran, PhD Political Science
  26. Farah Bashir, M.Phil Sociology
  27. Hasan Mukhtar Ali, M.A Mass Communication
  28. Sharjeel Ahmad, BS Mass Communication
  29. Sarfraz Ahmed, PhD Mass Communication
  30. Ahmad Raza, MBA Banking and Finance
  31. Farhan Iqbal, MBA (Banking & Finance)
  32. Sohail Mansha, MS Banking and Finance
  33. Ali Hamza, MBA (banking & Finance)
  34. Usman Iftikhar, MBA Management Science
  35. Zunaira Sadiq, M.Phil Geography
  36. Rizwan Murtaza, MBA Human Resource
  37. Akash Haider, BBA Business Administration