Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC)

Dr. Khalid Mahmood Zia
Director Research (ORIC)

As per HEC requirements, the nomenclature of the Directorate of Research GCUF has been changed as the Office of Research Innovation & Commercialization (ORIC), GCUF. Therefore, from now onward, we would refer this office as ORIC.

Message of the Director

During my first meeting, as Director Research, with the competent authority, it was decided to implement the following practices in future.

GCUF Research Projects Database

  1. The ORIC will prepare a “Research Project Database” for all completed and existing research projects of GCUF. Therefore, the PI’s of all completed and ongoing research projects are requested to send complete record of their research projects including PI & Co-PI names (for GCUF or other institutes’ projects while the PI’s or Co-PI’s were affiliated with GCUF), project titles, current status (completed & ongoing), project dates (starting & ending), project amount (Rs.), and funding agency names.
  2. The ORIC will assist PI’s for completing their new proposals. All new proposals must be submitted to ORIC for initial review (at least for format and necessary attachments, if not for technical components). The ORIC will get these proposals signed from the competent authority before sending them to the respective funding agencies through registrar office.
  3. Successful projects count considerably during calculations for university ranking. Researchers of GCUF have to bring good number of projects to the university as do the researchers of institutes of higher ranks. Therefore, ORIC will organize workshops for tips on writing winning proposals.
  4. It has been realized that the PI’s face challenges in managing their project budgets during necessary purchases and budget balancing. A training of the PI’s will be organized, with the help of resource persons from Treasurer Office of GCUF, on how to spend project money in order to avoid potential problems during auditing.

GCUF Publications Database

  1. Publications play pivotal role in HEC university ranking. The ORIC will prepare a “Publication Database” to record all published work of the researchers of GCUF. The database will enlist publications in impact factor, national, and international journals.
  2. Since HEC will not give considerations to non-impact factor publications after June 30, 2012, it has been decided to encourage GCUF researchers to publish in high impact journals.
  3. Through generating the Publication Database, the ORIC will calculate impact factors of individual researchers, departments, and the four faculties of GCUF to give fair credit to researchers/departments/faculties for achievements of GCUF.

GCUF Research News

  1. A “GCUF Research News” letter will be published on monthly basis. This letter will i) portray one GCUF scientist/researcher every month, ii) update and report impact factor of researchers, departments, and the four faculties of GCUF, iii) introduce successful research project(s) during the previous month, iv) grant writing tips, and v) upcoming deadlines for submitting research proposals. The ORIC believes that this activity will create progressive research environments at GCUF.
  2. The ORIC will periodically request you to volunteer information/data for this news letter.

Synopses and Theses Writing

  1. The Directorate of Advance Studies (DAS) and the University Review Committee for Synopses and Theses require research students to follow certain rules set by DAS for synopses and theses writing. The students are usually unable to submit these documents within due date because of improper guidance and/or training. The ORIC will organize workshops on how to write synopses and theses with the help of DAS and the University Review Committee for Synopses and Theses.
  2. These mandatory workshops will be separately organized for the students of social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering once per semester.
  3. The ORIC will request resources persons from DAS and Convener University Review Committee for Synopses and Theses to train our students on above tasks.

Internal and External Linkages

The ORIC is open to suggestions for improvements. Our goal is to upgrade GCUF’s ranking. GCUF is striving for excellence. The ORIC will create good working relationship with higher learning institutions, industries and donor agencies especially NIAB, NIBGE, UAF, HEC, PSF, PARB, PARC, PCSIR, British Council, USDA, JICA, CIDA, and others to enhance entrepreneurship, academic and research excellence.

Dr. Khalid Mahmood Zia

Director ORIC

Associate Professor, Applied Chemistry and Biochemistry

Dr. Salma Sultana

Manager (External Linkages)

Associate Professor, Zoology

Dr. Muhammad Aamer Mahmood

Manager (Research Development)

Assistant Professor, Bioinformatics and Biotechnology

Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim

Manager (Research Operations)

Assistant Professor, Environmental Sciences

Dr. Asim Mansha

Manager (University Industry Linkages)

Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Dr. Mohsin Bashir

Manager (Business Incubation Center)

Assistant Professor, Management and Admin Science

Mr. Ghulam Murtiza

Manager (Intellectual Property Rights and Legal Services)

Lecturer, Law