Prequalification Notice of Contractor / Firms

Applications for pre-qualification are invited from approved A. Class Firms / Contractors of C & W Department, to whom tender documents can be issued for the works as under:-

  1. Construction of roads and Foot Paths at New Campus Government College University Faisalabad.
  2. Construction of different buildings at new campus G.C University Faisalabad..

The contractor himself, for execution of the work, will make all arrangements for construction material and equipment.

The firms/ contractors who wish to have their names Pre-qualified for the above noted works are required to submit their applications with following documents as detail below (in duplicate), in the office of the undersigned, up to 12-10-2012, during office hours.

  1. Name of firm / contractor with year of establishment, partnership deed full address and telephone numbers of persons duly authorized by the firm / contractor with whom future correspondence can be made.
  2. Particulars of construction equipment’s available with the firm / contractors with verified ownership documents and also indicate yearly increase.
  3. Full bio-data / list of technical staff available with the firm / contractors showing the proof of their engagement with the firm, with fresh attestation.
  4. To substantiate the financial soundness of the firm, a certificate from chartered Firm and copy of up to date balance sheet may be furnished.
  5. Detail of similar nature works (equal or greater amount) executed indicating project cost, scope of work with verification from concerned Client Department.
  6. Detail of works handled during last three years indicating project cost, scope of work & date of commencement / completion.
  7. Firm applying for Pre-qualification shall give the details of tools, plants and machinery that will be specially made available for the relating projects.
  8. Particular of technical staff that would be made available by the firm for the project cited above with their experience and fresh attestation /proof.
  9. Bank certificate and Bank statement clearly indicating credit worth –less of the firm/ contractor.
  10. Detail of any Arbitration / litigation or similar proceedings against any Government, Semi Government Department showing extent and results.
  11. Attested Photo state copies of enlistment & update renewal, if already on the approved list of Govt. Contractors in the C&W Department within the limit of above noted works.
  12. Under taking on judicial paper that the firm was never black listed by any of the Govt. or semi Govt. organization.
  13. Partnership Deed / articles of association in case  of Company / Limited firm with power of attorney.
  14. Attested Photo Copy of Registration with Pakistan Engineering Council.
  15. Further particulars, if desired may be obtained from the Office of Project Director Government College University Faisalabad.

Only selected firms / contractors will receive the contract documents on invitation to submit the tenders for the above works.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Competent Authority / Pre-qualification committee reserves the rights so reject any application without assigning any reason.
  2. Any concealment about the information / details mentioned above will result in dis-qualification of the firm.
  3. In case of incomplete information, Pre-qualification application will be rejected and will not be considered for pre-qualification.
  4. No court proceeding against the Pre-qualification committee will be allowed and the decision of the committee will be final.
  5. Applicant, firm / contractors are required to give guarantee / undertaking that they have carefully studies the Pre-qualification notice and they will abide by the rules and regulations.

Engr. Muhammad Alam

Project Director

Government College University Faisalabad