PhD Degree Awarded

Two scholars working at Department of Botany were awarded PhD degrees. Dr. Makhdoom Hussain Regd No. 2005-GCUF-09-113 did his work on “Doubled haploid production in Triticum aestivum L. using wheat X maizecrossing for instant breeding of new cultivars” and Dr. Saleem Akhtar, Regd. No. 2005-GCUF-10-113 on “Study of somaclonal variation in wheat for the induction of salinity tolerance”. They are 4th and 5th PhD awardee of the university and pioneering degree holders from Department of Botany. Both the scholars worked under the supervision of Dr. Mubashir Niaz, Associate professor. Chairperson, teachers and students hailed the occasion  and congratulated the supervisor, supervisory committee and the scholars this epoch making day of the department.