Pakistan Paving the way in Food Fortification

Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) team of Dr. Thoric Cederstrom (Senior Manager Agriculture and Nutrition) along with Mr. Sajjad Imran, (country head), Mr. Munawar Hussain (Manager Fortification programmes in Pakistan) and Prof. Faqir Muhammad Anjum (Director, IHFS, GCUF) held a meeting with Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ali, Vice Chancellor GU University Faisalabad and discuss the food fortification programme in Pakistan, challenges and opportunities. GAIN team appreciated the academic activities and contribution of Institute of Home and Food Sciences GCUF in initial nutritional assessment of flours and oils from all Pakistan industries and the contribution in fortification programme. Dr. Muhammad Ali assured all kind of cooperation in strengthen the quality assurance and quality control capacity of the industry and regulatory monitoring authorities through provision of training and equipment availability in the testing process for mineral and vitamins in fortified foods for the national cause.