ORIC – GCUF is now registered with HEC

After six months of continuous efforts from ORIC team and generous support from the worthy Vice Chancellor, ORIC-GCUF has been registered with the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. HEC has high standards regarding qualification criteria for registration of ORIC of Pakistani universities.

Dr. Farhat Abbas (Director ORIC) explained that a simple answer to “So What” question is that per HEC policy, after registration of ORIC, GCUF is now eligible for the enhanced overhead cost of 15% (instead of previous 2%) against all HEC sponsored National Research Projects for the Universities (NRPU) w.e.f. October 10, 2012. If we do simple arithmetic, a Rs. 1.00 million of NRPU fund will generate revenue of Rs. 150,000 for GCUF.

Thanking GCUF faculty members, Dr. Abbas says, “ORIC believes that this is a huge success, which was never possible without your cooperation in terms of responding to our calls for various data submission. The data you sent us are used for ORIC core activities including construction of database for research, publication, capacity building, and commercialization of research. Now ORIC is confident to provide necessary data to HEC, QEC and other GCUF constituents for various purposes. Please help us update ORIC’s email, research projects and publication database”.