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Notification of Advance Studies for Details of Ph.D Students

All Directors/Head of Departments/Chairpersons/Incharges/Coordinators  

Government College University,


Subject:           Detail of Ph.D Students

Your good office is requested to provide a list of Ph.D students who are currently enrolled in your department alongwith their sessions and (i) Thesis Topic, (ii) Supervisory Committee, (iii) A copy of Synopsis, duly approved by Board of Studies meeting and ASRB in accordance with the rules and regulations of Supervisory Committee mentioned in prospectus reproduced as under:-


21.1 The Supervisory Committee for a student shall be proposed by the respective Board of Studies of the Department/Institute during the 3rd semester for the thesis and for research project only one supervisor will be appointed by Chairperson in respective semester. In PhD program Supervisory Committee and thesis topic will be approved by BOS and ASRB after successful qualification of comprehensive examination.

21.2 Supervisory Committee shall consist of the 03 members of the department. Therefore, the constitution of the Committee is given as under

1. Supervisor

2. Member-1

3. Member-2

However, if an outstanding specialist in a major or minor/elective field of study is available outside the Department/University, he/ she may be taken as a member of the Supervisory Committee in place of a Member-1 as “Supervisor-2”.

21.3 Supervisor of the student will act as Chairman of the Supervisory Committee.

21.4 Supervisory Committee proposed by the respective Board of Studies and recommended by the Chairman/ Director of the Institute shall be approved by the Competent Authority.

21.5 Supervisory Committee may be revised with the reasons of change to be recorded by the Competent Authority but not after the submission of thesis to DAS. Further all the rules therein laid by HEC from time to time will be followed strictly.

21.6 In case, a student duly recommended by the Chairman/ Director/ Principal is concerned to conduct his/her complete/part of thesis research in other institution/ laboratory, is allowed by the office of the Dean/Director; the helping scientist will be taken as Supervisor-2 in the Supervisory Committee of the student. However, the University will not bear any financial liability in this context.

21.7 Foreign Faculty members, HEC National Professors/HEC Eminent Scientists may act as Supervisor/Member of the Supervisory Committee provided that they are appointed for three years.

21.8 Faculty on Tenure Track System (TTS) / Interim Placement of Fresh PhD program (IPFP) will be considered at par with regular faculty for the subject purpose.

21.9 Adhoc/contract teachers may act as Supervisor / Member of the Supervisory Committee only, where, there is shortage of regular faculty members.

Kindly, provide the above said information within 15 days. Your cooperation in this regard will be highly appreciated.


Director Advanced Studies