Notice for Appearance before the Inquiry Officer

You are hereby informed that you, Mr. Salman Riaz, while working as lecturer, College of Pharmacy at Government College University Faisalabad was granted ex-Pakistan leave without pay and allowances for period of three years. However, on expiry of your leave, you haven’t reported for duty as yet. In this regard you were directed time and again to join your duties but you fail to comply with the orders and found willful and intentional absent from duty.

Accordingly the competent authority is of the opinion that there are sufficient grounds to proceed against you under Punjab Employee Efficiency, Discipline & Accountability Act, 2006 and therefore, appointed the undersigned as Inquiry Officer in your case, under the Act ibid.

The undersigned, being the Inquiry Officer, requested you a number of times to appear before the Inquiry Officer and defend yourself. However, you have neither appeared before the undersigned nor you have contacted me in this regard.

Accordingly, through this published notice, you are hereby directed to appear before the Inquiry Officer within 7 days of publication of this notice, otherwise it will be presumed that either you are not interested to face this inquiry or you have nothing to say in your defense.  Accordingly, ex-party decision will be taken.

Dr. Iftikhar Hussain Bukhari
Chairman Department of Chemistry
Inquiry Officer
Government College University Faisalabad