2015-05-14 Urdu

Launching of New Books written by Teachers of Urdu Department

Department of Urdu and Qalam Qirtaas Adbi Majlis organized a ceremony on May 14, 2015 to unveil two new books of Dr. Mamuna Subhani and Abdul Aziz Malik. The first book was “HAM SAFEERAN-E-FAIZ” by Dr. Mamuna Subhani and the second was “URDU AFSANY MAIN JADOOI HAQIQAT NIGARI” by Abdul Aziz Malik. Teachers and students both participated in the ceremony and appreciate both teachers. Dr.Tariq Hashmi, Dr. Asghar Ali Baloch, Majid Mushtaq and Nasir Warsi congratulated them and sheared their views to about the books. Head of Urdu Department Dr. Muhammad Asif Awan congratulated them on their research based work. He added that we all should be focused on research activities.