2016-02-05 kashmir day

Kashmir Solidarity Day Rally

The students, faculty and the worthy vice chancellor showed solidarity with the people of Kashmir through rally. Thousands of students and faculty members gathered in front of the office of Vice chancellor and raised slogans in the favor of the kasmiris. At this occasion, the vice chancellor, Dr Muhammad Ali, highlighted the importance of the Kashmir issue. He said that the stance of the People of Pakistan is very clear that the Kashmir issue should be resolved according to the resolutions of United Nations. He said that peace is impossible in the world without settling the disputes of Kashmir and Palestine. Islam is the religion of peace and gives importance to peace and prosperity. He condemned the terrorism and declared that Islam negates terrorism in every shape.  Banners and flexes were displayed at different places with different slogans i.e. Kashmir Bana ga Pakistan, we are with the people of Kashmir. During rally, the students raised slogans in the favor of the Kashmiri people. The doctorate of student affairs  organized debating competition among the students on the topic of “Kashmir issue”. Twenty five students participated in the competition.