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The department of Islamic and Arabic arranged the International seminar on “ISLAMIC VALUES IN TURKI’’ for the students of PhD and M.Phil. Assoc. Prof. Ahmet YILDIZ, President, Research Center of Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Prof. Dr. İshak Özgel, Faculty of Theology, Suleyman Demirel University, Mustafa Calisan : Board Memmber of Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture, Hakan Gülerce, Phd Candidate of Sociology at Istanbul University, Executive Board Member of Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture were the guests from Turkey who delivered the valuable lectures on topic. . They said that the strong relationship of both countries is due to the common Islamic values. They also explain the importance of Noor Magazine and its role in Islamic values. Dr. Humayun Abbas Dean Faculty of Islamic & Oriental Leaning welcome the guests from Turkey and convey the worthy Vice Chancellor Prof .Dr. Muhammad Ali’s Massage and cooperation to them he also appreciated the organizers efforts in this regards.