2015-04-30 Quran Seminar 2

International Quran Seminar

The Quran should be part of our lives. Rise and fall of nations has been attributed to Islamic teachings. Today, the solution of our problems lies in the teachings of Quran. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ali, Vice Chancellor GCUF shared these views on an International Seminar entitled “The Dimensions of Quran Studies in Subcontinent and the requirements of the Day”. The seminar was organized by Faculty of Islamic & Oriental Learning. The key speaker of the seminar was Dr. Najam-ul-Haq Nadvi from Bangladesh. Dr. Najam highlighted the essential elements and arguments about Translation of Quran. He said that awareness of geography of Arab tribes and understanding of Arab culture is also important to understand the Quran. He said that there is no direct translation of Quran to Bengali language; it is transformed from other languages.

Turkish scholar Muamar Anna Noor also participated in the seminar and described the affiliation with Quran in Turkey. The chief guest was Dr. Muhammad Ishaq Qureshi, Director Naat Academy Faisalabad. He said that the study of Sirat-un-Nabi is indispensable to understand the Quran. Dr. Hamayun Abbas, Dean Faculty of Islamic & Oriental Learning thanked the participants and speakers in the end.