2016-02-17 food science2

International Conference on Halal Foods, Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics

International Conference on Halal Foods, Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics organized by the Islamic Food and  Nutrition  Council of  America and Institute of Food and Home Sciences, Govt. College University, Faisalabad in Sufi Barkat Ali Hall. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ali (TI) was the Chief Guest. Dr. Faqeer Muhammad Anjum presented the vote of thanks to the guests and introduced the in and outs of the conference. The key speakers were Dr. Munir from USA, Dr. Nadeem Riaz, Dr. Abid from UK, Dr. Mujahid Masood, Justice Khalil ur Rehman Khan the guest of honour, Ch Nawaz, President of FCCI also laid emphasis on the importance of Halal Food. The Vice Chancellor Dr. Muhammad Ali said that the most important thing in the world is moving towards right direction. We are starting fruitful food science programs. We are giving training to the students to find jobs in industry. The studnet5s should establish their own industry. Justice Khalil ur Rehman Khan who is heading the Halal Food Agency of Punjab also delivered lecture on the Hala Food. He said that it is necessary to develop our own capability first. The Govt. is making legislation on Halal Food. The Punjab  Govt. is also holding initiative for ensuring Halal Food. Allah has described regularity for Halal Food in Quran. The institution should establish linkage with the industry. According to the needs of the industry the curriculum should be designed.