Inter Religions Dialogue: Inaugural Session

Peace in society cannot be achieved without justice and harmony. Purpose of “Makalama Ban-Ul-Mazahib” (مکالمہ بین المذہب) will be a success if it is kept away from those who are foes of peace and harmony in the society. The vice chancellor of Government College University Faisalabad Dr. Muhammad Ali in his opening address stressed, peace in the society is interlinked with the justice and harmony. The dream of noble society can only be achieved if these values come a part of our lives. Effects are made that such movement could not be affected by notorious outfits.

On the first day of the two day event Dr. Naeem Mushtaq, renowned scholar and researcher deliver his first address on “Islam and Interfaith Dialogue”

He is of the view that dialogue is pivotal for peace and harmony. On one hand dialogue affirms one’s Owen commitment to his belief and also on the other hand it tells us how to respect others aspirations and belief which is the need of the hour. Dialogue creates a society in which pea pole with various belief can live together with love, peace and harmony. He added that a process of dialogue should remain continue to achieve the destination of peaceful and prosperous Pakistan.

These “Khutbat” (خطبات) are very significant in the present social miles. In the pursuit of truth and knowledge no one can deny the importance of dialogue.

Dr. Humayun Abbas thanked the audience and said that this thought and highly informative series address would surely promote to positive social behavior. A large number of students and teachers along with M.AfzalSaeed attend the event.

The second “Khutba” (خطبات) was on importance of Prophet Hood in the light of interfaith dialogue. In this regard western thought is against the human rights. Dr.Muhammad Akram Virk a renowned researcher scholar said that the Prophet Hood of Muhammad P.B.U.H is the basic and fundamental point which needs to be understood.