Inter Departmental Co-Curricular Competitions

The students of your respective departments are cordially invited to participate in the Inter departmental competition as per schedule given below.

Note: Venue for all competitions Faiz Ahmed Faiz Hall.

  1. Qirrat and Naat
  2. Debate
  3. Drama
  4. Quiz
  5. Songs
  • 27-05-2013 9:00am
  • 27-05-2013 2:00pm
  • 28-05-2013 9:00am
  • 28-05-2013 2:00pm
  • 30-05-2013 9:00am

For selection round details / participation details check GCUF web-site or Contact DSA office and following advisors of societies.

Dramatics and Performing Arts Society

  1. Dr. Tariq Hashmi, Deptt. of Urdu
  2. Ms. Sahar Javaid, Deptt. of English
  3. Ms. Sobia Aslam, Deptt. of Punjabi
  4. Ms. Safana Hashmat Khan, Deptt. of English
  • (Advisor)
  • (Advisor) 0335-6637044
  • (Advisor)
  • (Advisor)

View Detail – Drama Society

Download Drama Society Form

Quiz Club

  1. Mr. Ghulam Murtaza, Deptt. of Law
  2. Mr. Afzal Janjua , Deptt. of English
  3. Mr. Amjad Farooq, Deptt. of Law
  4. Mr. Tauheed Ahmad, Deptt. of Pak. Studies
  • (Advisor)
  • (Advisor) 0300-4856773
  • (Advisor)
  • (Advisor)

The Quiz society of Government College University Faisalabad is going to organize inter departmental Quiz competition on 28th May at Faiz Seminar Hall, Yousaf Block at 2’O clock. The categories are as follows

  1. Islamic Study
  2. Current Affairs
  3. General Knowledge
  4. Geography

Rules & Regulation

  1. One team from each department consisting of two members
  2. Ten seconds for each answer
  3. 2nd guessing is not allowed

Last date of registration is 26 May 2013

For Further Detail Contact:

  • Rana Abdul Munim (0300-7720618)
  • Mian Romeel  Aslam (0322-6915203)

Debating Society

  1. Ms. Zahida Javed, Deptt. of Education
  2. Mr. Noor ul Qamar, Deptt. of English
  3. Mr. Khalil ur Rehman Deptt. of Law
  4. Mr. M. Waqas, Deptt. of Commerce
  • (Advisor)
  • (Advisor)
  • (Advisor)
  • (Advisor) 0300-7232439

It is informed that The Debating Society is going to arrange an inter-Departmental Debate Completion on 27th of May 2013, at Faiz Ahmad Faiz Hall at 2 pm.
Trial Round Will be held on 23rd of May, 2013 at Faiz Ahmad Faiz Hall at 10 am.


English Serious

  1. Individuals determine the fate of nation.
  2. Together we can.
  3. If they wrong us shall we not revenge?
English Humors

  1. Boss is always right.
  2. Oh My God…….!!!
  3. A day in GCUF.
Urdu Serious 

اقبال تیرےدیس کا کیا حال سناوُں

روشن کہیں بہار کے امکاں ھوۓ تو ھیں

مت قتل کرو آوازوں کو

Urdu Humors

میرا ٹوٹا ٹوٹا تمھارا ٹوٹا تقریر

یہ یونیورسٹی میری ھے

کوئی دیکھے نہ دیکھے شبیر تو دیکھے گا

Naat & Qirat Society

  1. Dr. Umar Hayat, Deptt. of Islamic Studies
  2. Ms. Asma Zubair, Deptt. of Islamic Studies
  3. Ms. Sadaf Rasheed, Deptt. of English
  • (Advisor)
  • (Advisor) 0322-2101929
  • (Advisor)

Submit your registration letter along with the recommendation of your chairman by 23-05-2013 in the Office of DSA

Rules for Naat

  1. The recitation of chosen Naat must be in Urdu
  2. Only two verses without repetition
  3. Song style Naat will not be allowed
  4. Hamad will not be included in the competition

Rules for Qirat

  1. Any verse can be recited
  2. Time for Qirat will be 4 minutes
  3. Verses will not be repeated

Decision of Judges will be final for Naat & Qirat

Music Society

  1. Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, Deptt. of Botany
  2. Ms. Ambreen Anjum, Deptt of Applied Chemistry
  3. Dr. Samia Rehman , Deptt. of Applied Chemistry
  4. Mr. Umar Cheema, Deptt. of Telecom Engineering
  • (Advisor) 0331-9700618
  • (Advisor)
  • (Advisor)
  • (Advisor)