2015-08-09 IOT

Indigenous on Campus Training for University Staff (Phase-II) in GCUF

GC University Faisalabad organized “Indigenous on Campus Training for University Staff-Phase II” with the collaboration of HEC. Muhammad Ayub was the focal person who introduced the motives of the workshop and told that the program has been launched with special attention of the Chairman HEC. He also told that during training program, different lectures would be delivered on different topics like good governance, leave rules, PEEDA etc. The renowned resources persons have been engaged from the campus. It is specific training for University administration. The worthy vice chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ali congratulated the organizers and focused that the participants should take advantage of the workshop to the maximum level. The servants should be aware of the rules and regulations. Everybody should read act and administrative rules. It is the time to decrease the deficiencies and improve the working through knowing rules and regulations. Rules and regulations for practical life are as important as newspaper and TV for your personal life. I want to improve the University with the help of University staff. They should take the sense of responsibility. It is your own institution and you should work for its prestige and honor. The heads of the institutions come for the temporary basis but the permanent staff stay on long term basis. Respect should be given to each other either they are faculty members or administration. Knowledge and piousness should be the standard of respect. Respect is the essential component of good governance. We are the custodian of the institution and we will have to design plans to eliminate evils. We should promote the good standards. We should learn from the West. It is the time to analyze ourselves first. In West people do not talk about others and they discuss issues. While in Pakistan, we talk about other. The habit should be developed to create questions because through questions the students and teachers learn. In administration, all officers are not equal due to their efficiency and knowledge. Powers should be delegated to the subordinates. Confidentiality and trust are very important for good governance. We should take the ownership of the subordinates. Everyone is not perfect and sometimes anger prevails over all things but it should not be taken as personal. Mutual discussions are pre-requisite for good governance. Strategic plans should be designed for the uplift of University. We should have to plan base line analysis in the field of research, administration and faculty. All offices are as important as the office of Vice Chancellor.  Leadership and management are two different things. Managers obey the orders while the leaders design the plans and assign different duties to each other. We should look on the achievements, failures and targets. The best thing of the good governance is the acceptability of the leadership. At this occasion, Dr. Hazor Muhammad Sabir (registrar), Dr. Haq Nawaz Anwar (Dean Social Sciences) and Dr. Humyan Abbas Shams (Dean Islamic & Oriental Learning) were also present there. Asif Latif, Additional Registrar, was the stage secretary.