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2016-06-02 weather

GCUF Weather Station

On Friday 27 May 2016 at 9:50am, the Vice Chancellor of Government College University, Faisalabad (GCUF) Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ali (TI) posted on Facebook about a newly introduced button, captioned “GCUF Weather”, on the top row of GCUF website.

His post reads as: “Get live weather updates from weather station installed at GCUF”. The launch of this button followed appearing of a banner on the university website a day earlier displaying weather station’s photo with Vice Chancellor’s statement, “GCUF is Pioneer in Pakistani universities to keep its students, staff and residents of Faisalabad updated with the current urban weather conditions of Faisalabad. An Excellent Development and a Landmark”.

Clicking on this button bring up summary of a live report on current weather of GCUF. The weather report includes i) current temperature, ii) daily minimum temperature, iii) daily maximum temperature, iv) wind speed, v) wind gust, vi) wind direction, vii) humidity, viii) Heat Index (feel like temperature), ix) rain, x) seasonal total for rain, xi) barometric pressure, x) time-series detail on the summary page, xi) Faisalabad map, and xii) network of such stations around the globe. The information is gathered from an automatic weather station inaugurated by the Vice Chancellor at the old campus in front of Dr. Muhammad Ali block on March 02, 2016 to fulfill the needs of a weather station in urban settings. The other two-three weather stations in Faisalabad (including one at the airport and the other at the University of Agriculture Faisalabad) do not generate true urban environmental weather data rather they mimic agricultural field scenarios.

“It is a step of GCUF towards community service”, said Dean Engineering, Prof. Dr. Farhat Abbas who also leads a Climate Change Research Group at the Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering. He further added, “The people will benefit from this service especially during the upcoming summer to decide whether they need an umbrella, a pair of sunglasses, a hat, or a bottle of water to avoid heat stress outside. The researchers at GCUF would use these valuable time series data in their publications”. Dr. Abbas gave all credit to Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ali who, according to him, always takes lead in Pakistani universities in various kinds of social, religious, scientific and engineering endeavors. The research group of Dr. Abbas is working on a feasibility to install an electronic billboard at Chenab square GCUF corner to display Faisalabad weather news for passengers on the road. This billboard may display the concentration of greenhouse gases and other air pollutants in Faisalabad air as part of university’s campaign for community awareness and outreach.