2015-12-08 alumni3

Foundation Day & Job Fair 2015

On 8th December 2015, GCUF celebrated its foundation day and the old students celebrated it along with the existing faculty and the students. The Vice chancellor, Dr Muhammad Ali, opened the day with flag hoisting ceremony. The Alumnai gathered in Iqbal Hall where the vice chancellor and the president of Alumnai distributed the scholarships among the brilliant and needy students. The old students union introduced Prof. M.A.Ehsan (Rs. 50,000), Dr Muhammad Nawaz (Rs. 10,000), Asmat Ullah Khan (Rs. 10,000) merit scholarships to the brilliant students who got top positions in Physics department, pharmacy and Urdu departments. Fourty scholarships of Rs. 2000 each were awarded needy to the students. The President of old student union paid special tribute to Dr Muhammad Ali for his tremendous efforts for the prestige of the institution. He said that the association would introduce more scholarships next year. Dr Muhammad Ali, vice chancellor, laid emphasis on the linkage of university and industry. He invited the members of chambers of commerce and the industrialists to play positive role for the betterment of the institution. He said that GCUF is introducing separate FSC classes for girls only in next year and diplomas will be introduced with the collaboration of the chamber of commerce. He advised the secretary Zeeshan Ahmed Khan to enhance the membership of the old students union so that maximum people may be involved. He also inaugurated the jab fair which has been organized with the collaboration of industry, NGO sector, multinational companies and banking sector. At the end of the day, the university and the old student union organized the dinner. At the end of the programme, the President, Dr Sawolat Nawaz, presented the shield to the chief guest.The respectable Deans and the faculty members were also present there.