Fee Schedule Spring Semester 2015

Consequent upon the approval of the Vice Chancellor, following fee schedule for Spring Semester 2015 is hereby notified as per details given below:-

Sr. Name  of Faculty Fee Schedule


Faculty of Science & Technology

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science

From 11.02.2015 to 12.02.2015


Faculty of Engineering 13.02.2015


Faculty of Islamic & Oriental Learning 13.02.2015


Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences From 16.02.2015 to 17.02.2015


Directorate of Medical Sciences 18.02.2015


Faculty of Management & Administrative Sciences From 19.02.2015 to 20.02.2015

After expiry of the above said schedule, fine of Rs.100/- per day from 23.02.2015 to 02.03.2015 and after words, fine of Rs. 3000/- would be charged up to 30.03.2015. Moreover, the re-enrollment / supply fee would also be charged as per above said schedule for all semesters.

Furthermore, the admission of students would be declared as “cancelled” if they will not deposit their fee within stipulated time. However, these students may re-admit after the recommendation of their respective HOD and Dean subject to the payment of Rs.2000/- as readmission fee along with late fee charges up to maximum of Rs. 3000/-.

After deposit of fee in bank(s), each student is required to get “Fee Paid” stamp affixed at GS-10 / UG-I Form from Fee Section on very next day and then submit to the Deptt. /DAS as the case may be, failing which GS-10 / UG-I Form will not be accepted.

Dr.Farhat Abbas